DigiFinex AMA Recap | Unprecedented IoT Integration and Security – Beyond Protocol

DigiFinex 21st AMA has just happened! This time we were excited to have Jonathan, the CEO of Beyond Protocol, here with us, to share with us his insights on the blockchain-based decentralized security layer for IoT and how Beyond Protocol offers a secure and probabilistically un-hackable solution to inter-device communication. Read on our blog recap to learn more now!
# Guest of the night
Jonathan Manzi, CEO and Co-founder of Beyond Protocol($BP) Jonathan Manzi is the CEO and co-founder of Beyond Protocol, the company developing a new internet based on a universal platform that enables inter-device communication. He is considered a global expert in frontier technology, specializing in building multiple successful businesses in divergent industries. Prior to Beyond, Manzi dropped out of Stanford University, where he presided as the Chair of Entrepreneurship and co-founded a non-profit for youth entrepreneurship, to co-found and serve as CEO of ink. Manzi has spoken extensively around the world about the implications of technology for the future of humanity at events such as the G20 Summit, the St. Petersburg International Forum, and the Ambrosetti Forum.
#Host of the night, Kiana Shek, DigiFinex CXO
Previously working for Baidu as Assistant General Manager, Kiana has had advanced education in the financial field, also obtaining a rich background in Big data, AI, international businesses. In 2017, she founded DigiFinex as a Co-Founder, and dedicated to provide a safer, convenient, transparent digital asset exchange platform for the people. She is also responsible for promoting brand values globally on behalf of DigiFinex, and actively takes part in various Blockchain summits around the world.
Below is a highlight of our Live Session.
Kiana (left), Jonathan (right)   —–

# About BP

Kiana: Can you briefly introduce your background and describe Beyond Protocol in a few sentences? Jonathan:  I’m Jonathan, the CEO of Beyond Protocol. I’ve worn several hats over the years, but my background can be best described as “Tech Entrepreneur.” I’ve always been deeply fascinated by the convergence of hardware and software, and how to best put emergent technologies to work for the betterment of society. Beyond Protocol can be best described as a secure, unifying language for any and all devices in the Internet of Things. At present, many smart devices are walled off from one another, unable to communicate natively due to both software and hardware limitations. Beyond Protocol creates a trusted base layer for all smart devices–from smart watches, to printers, to drones, electric cars, and much, much more–to “speak the same language” as it were.

#BP’s business model and future

Kiana: Can you please give an overview of your project and what the unique features and strengths are? Jonathan: Beyond Protocol solves the two big problems in IoT today–interoperability and security. IoT tech has exploded in recent years, but it’s moved so fast that much of it is siloed. You’ve got different types of smart devices, built by different companies, from different countries, operating within different software bubbles. There are no agreed-upon, universal standards that allow all smart devices to work in unison securely. Beyond Protocol allows smart devices to be completely interoperable–meaning they can communicate with one another freely–and at the same time maintain unhackable data security.

Kiana: How does “layer 0” blockchain protocol work? Data is a serious matter nowadays, and data security is becoming increasingly important. Hackers are everywhere, how does Beyond Protocol keep the information safe? Jonathan: Beyond Protocol’s foundation of security is built on two underlying technologies–blockchain and hardware signatures–that, when combined, create a probabilistically unhackable network. Blockchain exists as a public, unchangeable record of all network activity. Any blockchain is comprised of nodes; individual devices which connect to, and become part of that blockchain. The more nodes in a blockchain, the more decentralized and secure it becomes. But with blockchain alone, hackers can still succeed in compromising the network by using a technique called spoofing–essentially pretending to be a device that they’re not, using sophisticated software manipulation. This is where hardware signatures–or PUF (Physical Unclonable Function)–come into play. Each smart device is essentially a small computer, and thus has a central processing unit, or CPU. These chips all have what we could call a “digital fingerprint”–a completely unique, one-of-a-kind electrical signature. Beyond Protocol combines blockchain and PUF with one line of code, allowing all smart devices using our network to communicate with unhackable security. This has never been done before.

Kiana: What is the difference to the centralistic approach of data management that we see in the world so far? What’s the merit of decentralisation? Jonathan: Put simply, it boils down to trust and control. When any entity–from a corporation to a government–has full control over data, trust can never be 100% assured. Proprietary tech does not allow third-party verification. Decentralization allows for full trust, and provides all network participants a level playing field. We believe true innovation can only be achieved and sustained within such an open structure.

Kiana: What problems did Beyond Protocol run into when trying to roll out your products/services in active businesses? Jonathan: I’d say just getting them to realize how massive the potential benefits were for their business. Beyond Protocol is a visionary, paradigm-shifting idea–and whenever you’re redefining the way big, established things work, getting the message across can take some work.

Kiana: What is difficult to explain to non-crypto users about Beyond Protocol and what are the benefits of using it? Jonathan: As far as non-crypto users are concerned, I’ve found it most helpful to lead with what Beyond Protocol actually does with respect to user-facing technology. I could start talking about it being probabilistically impossible to hack, PUF, and nodes, and I might lose many people right there. Or, I could simply describe a potential use-case–for example, our Connected Athlete demo with Rob Gronkowski, where a smart watch monitors his bio-data during training, then automatically orders DoorDash at the end of his workout–that sort of an explanation really captivates those who aren’t overly familiar with the tech side. And that’s just one of an infinite array of potential use cases. When you start allowing devices to talk, the possibilities are endless.


Kiana: I have a personal question, which is also the tradition of DigiFinex AMA. Can you share with us your personal investment experience in crypto assets? Jonathan: I learned about Bitcoin around 2011 from a friend. I was familiar with the concept of  peer-to-peer money transfer. I didn’t initially invest, but I wished I did. In 2017, I became very involved in blockchain tech — it could prevent hacks and allow for IoT devices to communicate with each other in a trusted way. Since then, I’ve become lazer focussed in developing the technology and am a long-term holder of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Kiana: Thank you, Jonathan, for taking the time to do this AMA with us today. It has been a great time to learn more about BP! Kiana: Thank you Jonathan once again for joining the session today. This marks the end of our Live session! Thank you all for participating and I hope to see you in the next AMA Live, have a good day!


Thank you Jonathan for joining at our AMA for an amazing sharing session! BP’s vision is very innovative in the entertainment industry. Trade $BP now: BP/ETH BP/USDT Register as a new user on DigiFinex now: Click here We will see you at our next AMA! About Beyond Protocol ($BP) Beyond Protocol is the fabric of the new world. In stealth mode. Beyond Protocol was started by Silicon Valley-based technologists in January 2018 to harness the explosive power of merging distributed ledger technology with IoT. Beyond Protocol eliminates hacks and facilitates machine-to-machine value transfer. With security as a given, Beyond Protocol allows us to feel comfortable opening up our devices for collaboration. Using them like threads of yarn, the dreamers among us can weave together inventions we would have not thought to conceive. Keep updated for AMA Live: DigiFinex AMA Community  

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