DigiFinex AMA Recap | DeFi Technology and Pos3.0 Technology

Jan 08th, 2021

New year, new AMA! Well, more like DigiFinex starting a new chapter with the 12th AMA, first one in 2021! In this episode we are meeting with the developer behind CCA project, a commodity circulation accelerating DeFi platform based on the technique of 3rd generation Proof of Stake 3.0 blockchain. They will also be sharing on the supplementary donation scheme which is operated under the accumulation of interests from participants’ deposits. An awesome project backed with a good-willed scheme, keep scrolling to learn more!

Guest of the night, Volodymyr Biolshytskyi, Developer of CCA

Main-net Developer / Code Pillow (2020-)
Main-net Developer / Sugachain (2019)
Main-net Developer / Alphacon PTE. Ltd. (2018-2020)
Main-net Developer / Microbitcoin (2017-2019)

Host of the night, Kiana Shek, DigiFinex CXO

Previously working for Baidu as Assistant General Manager, Kiana has had advanced education in the financial field, also obtaining a rich background in Big data, AI, international businesses. In 2017, she founded DigiFinex as a Co-Founder, and dedicated to provide a safer, convenient, transparent digital asset exchange platform for the people. She is also responsible for promoting brand values globally on behalf of DigiFinex, and actively takes part in various Blockchain summits around the world.

Below is a highlight of our Live Session:

Kiana Shek (Left) & Volodymyr Biolshytskyi (Right)


Thank you Volodymyr for taking time to discuss how CCA was born and the wisdom behind PoS 3.0 Blockchain Technology!

To Watch Kiana and Volodymyr’s interview, please visit AMA | DeFi Technology and Pos3.0 Technology !

Visit here >>> About CCA (Commodity Circulation Accelerator) 

CCA coin is commodity circulation accelerating DeFi platform, which was released in October 2020, based on the technique of 3rd generation PoS 3.0 block chain.

The following Block chain connects without a middleman or bank through ‘Smart contract’ of AOK main-net between subjects who trade commodity circulation. The block chain makes reliable trade by ensuring fairness, clarity and credibility on circulation allowance occurred in the process between parties.

Participants can invest and also join donation at the same time by automatically accumulating part of interests as a donation. The system platform will then provide benefits to the participant and also contribute to the viability of sustainable enterprise by ensuring clarity and financial solvency.

Sources: CCA

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