DigiFinex AMA Recap | HollyGold The Golden Bridge of Hollywood dreams and Worldly Living

Nov 10th, 2020

At the 10th episode of DigiFinex AMA Session, we have prepared something different. Note that this is also the 1st IEO Project that has ever done an AMA live! After careful selection from a range of projects, we have found the perfect project for you all. HollyGold, a project that aims to allow everyone to get a worldly taste of Hollywood dreams through cryptocurrency investment. We have invited Co-founder and CEO of HollyGold, the Taiwan Blockchain Godfather, Dior Wu, as well as Co-founder Kevin Robl, to share with us how the HollyGold transforms traditional film industry to provide a gateway to involve everyone to participate in the investment of Hollywood film production and distribution, as well as bringing forward shared benefits to the people.

Guest of the night, Dior Wu 

Co-founder and CEO of HollyGold, also CEO of BitSENSE. Dior is the owner of three patented blockchain applications, including The world’s first inventor of Bitcoin banknotes, the world’s first digital currency vending machine, and the world’s first patented encryption card. With the mission to bring blockchain applications into to life as a top mission, Dior is a true believer in adopting blockchain businesses into use and aspire to pursue digital consumption on the ground of blockchain technology.

Special Guest, Kevin Robl

Kevin is appointed as Cultural Advisor of USA President, Donald Trump’s, also HollyGold Co-founder & Advisor and a famous Hollywood Film Investment Financier.

Host of the night, Kiana Shek, DigiFinex CXO

Previously working for Baidu as Assistant General Manager, Kiana has had advanced education in the financial field, also obtaining a rich background in Big data, AI, international businesses. In 2017, she founded DigiFinex as a Co-Founder, and dedicated to provide a safer, convenient, transparent digital asset exchange platform for the people. She is also responsible for promoting brand values globally on behalf of DigiFinex, and actively takes part in various Blockchain summits around the world.

Below are highlights of our Live Session:

# Kiana & Kevin’s Interview

Kiana: Hello, and welcome Dior and Kevin for joining at DigiFinex AMA Live today. Since Kevin is currently in the USA with around 12 hours of time difference, so we will start off with a brief interview with Kevin first! Hi, Kevin, would you introduce yourself?

Kevin:  Thank you so much for having me, I appreciate the invitation. In terms of my background, I grew up in Hollywood, and I have always been here, started working since 1992. Then went on to produce a lot of films, including The November Man, The Frozen Ground, Empire State etc. So we have lots of projects working on. So basically a guy in Hollywood and making movies!

Kiana: So which one is your favourite production?

Kevin:  Probably The Frozen Ground, with Nicolas Cage and John Cusack, because it was based on a true story and it’s a gruesome crime and a great story plot.

Kiana: Could you share with us how much is the return on the movie investment on average?

Kevin: Well it depends, it’s different on every single movie, there’s no average it’s not a very predictable business. It’s a very exciting business though by making movies that have stars, we are able to go and pre-sell territories, so we know we are going to make money when we deliver our movie. But whether or not it is a success at the box office, we never know that. It’s the formula as an independent filmmaker is that it will potentially work when we pre-selling our rights or a streamer that is going to take our movie, so before it finishes we will know we are going to make money.

Kiana: Well I’m sure you can make more money by combining cryptocurrency and HollyWood movies! 

Kevin: I sure hope so, that is the plan right! I think the exposure that we get from doing something like this (The HollyGold Project) and bringing people all around the world is very rectifying. And of course we hope to make more money, and enabling the chance for people to get involved in Hollywood and have an impact, and ultimately our goal is to let our members to even contribute to letting us know which film you want us to make, so members of hollygold are exposed to a range of benefit.

Kiana: Many people might have known you as a famous Hollywood Film Investment Financier, could you tell us why you teamed up with Dior and Feng to form up HollyGold?

Kevin: Dior and Feng are two leaders in the head of cutting-edge technology. Their technology will help to change the ecosystem of Hollywood. HollyGold will revolutionize an update in Hollywood investment in the future. At the same time, I’m also proud of being one of the founders of HollyGold.

Kiana: Great, it’s nice to have you here. Can you give a brief description of the movies HollyGold is going to invest in the future before saying goodbye to our audience?

Kevin: Sure, so one of them is Wally’s wonderland starring Nicolas Cage, HollyGold is involved in that already. Aalso Lord of the West, that is an animated feature that we are working on but has a few setbacks, it’s going to be an second animated feature after Wish Dragon, which will be released very soon. We also have a movie called “Recharge”, in which the executive producer happens to be Keanu Reeves and a screenwriter who created the original Fast & Furious series. And a lot of movies that are working in production with HollyGold’s involvement, roughly 12 productions, so you can say we are moving very fast.

Kiana: HollyGold will be available for sale on DigiFinex this month. Is there any good news to share with our users?

Kevin:  We will also have an imprint ceremony in front of TCL Chinese theater for Michael Madsen on 11/16, the premiere day. And HollyGold will be sponsoring another business, The Sugar Factory, which is a really popular restaurant that attracts celebrities and influencers visiting, so it is a landmark that is widely favored by the people. 

Kiana: Thank you Kevin, I hope you have a nice day ahead and we will meet next time!

# Kiana & Dior’s Personal interview

Kiana:Hello, Dior. Welcome to DigiFinex AMA. This issue is also our 10th AMA and the first AMA about IEO projects. Please greet our global users and introduce yourself briefly.

Dior Wu:Hello everyone I’m Dior, co-founder and CEO of HollyGold, nice to meet you all here!

Kiana:Thank you Dior! I have learned from your rich resume that aside from being the CEO of HollyGold, you are also the CEO of several blockchain technology companies, and you owned three patents for blockchain business applications. In addition to the identity of an entrepreneur, you are also definitely a true believer and practitioner of blockchain technology. Could you share with us the story behind how you joined this cryptocurrency industry and the invention of patented blockchain applications?

Dior Wu:I started to get in contact with blockchain and Bitcoin back in 2017. At that time, there were only 25 million Bitcoin wallets, but the price was 20,000 US dollars, which is three thousandths of the global population. That means there was a colossal room for expansion and development in the blockchain industry. As I came from a high-technology background and working as a professional manager in the past, 15 years of experiences have made me familiar with hardwares and products likewise. As I could recall, there were limited choices of cold wallets and mining machines available in the blockchain industry, so I have decided to produce cold wallets, and founded BitSENSE technology. Then, I realized the concept of blockchain was not quite popular in the public. With the wish to allow more people to get to know this technology, the invention of the patent encryption card was borned. I was hoping to see that trading Bitcoin could also be as easy as buying a newspaper, so I then invented a bitcoin vending machine. Later, I saw the shortcomings of hot and cold wallets, which gave me the idea of warm wallets.

These three patents also have priority in 126 countries around the world.

# About HollyGold’s Application and Planning

Kiana:Thanks to Dior for sharing, it was very encouraging to see that your ambition and insight drove all the way. We will now turn our focus back to the HollyGold project. Maybe our audience shares the same feeling with me. The names of HollyGold and Hollywood are very similar. According to the official information of HollyGold, it has a very integrated partnership with the Hollywood film industry. First of all, please share with us what kind of project HollyGold is? What kind of partnership does it have with Hollywood?

Dior Wu:So time traveling back to 2019. At that time, the Hollywood production companies were thinking of launching cryptocurrency to alternate the ecosystem of the industry, but could not find the right team to cooperate. And Base’s vice president has sought me through connections and flew to Taiwan to meet up with me. After discussion, he went back to find Kevin and came back to Taiwan again to line up a partnership, and then founded this company. I do reckon I am a believer and practitioner of Blockchain. What is meant by chain reform is to use blockchain to transform all walks of life. If technology has its value at solving problems, we HOLLYGOLD is created to solve problems in the film industry. In the traditional film industry, from fundraising to shooting to post-production to releasing the film, the profits are extremely huge, but mainly only the few of the intellectuals get to grasp hold of it, most people have no way to participate. Through blockchain and digital currency, the threshold of participation is reduced, so that everyone can participate. I call the process decentralization. 

Everyone says that blockchain is decentralized, but this is an ideal. According to my practical experience, decentralization is the core of combining the blockchain with the transfer of production to realize the chain system. HOLLYGOLD’s concept is that once you own a token, you are instantly investing in the production of films and distribution of it. Through the repurchase and destruction mechanism, the number of tokens will become less, as a result their prices will rise, so that everyone can share the benefits and enjoy the wealth brought by the film industry. Through our co-founder Kevin Robl, Base’s vice president Poli Liang, we have instilled a plethora of Hollywood resources and signed cooperation agreements with many film companies to invest in film, post-production, copyright, logistics, application scenarios, exhibitions, etc. Activities, to open up a diverse range of cooperation.

Kiana:Wow so there is indeed a great story behind the naming of this project. HollyGold owns the HGOLD World Patented Encryption Card and the world’s first blockchain smart vending machine, which coincides with the commercialized blockchain application you have invented.

Is there a relationship between your patent and your creation of HollyGold? What role does the HGOLD World Patented Encryption Card and the world’s first blockchain smart vending machine play in the ecological development of HollyGold?

Dior Wu:Encrypted cards allow ordinary users to get the card first, and then open the wallet. It means the first thing you get are the tokens then opening a wallet to store them. Through the launch of physical encryption cards, the public can quickly access digital currency in a familiar way.

The vending machine on the other hand, is the fastest way for everyone to buy digital currency, that could be used in various occasions, combined with the aforementioned Hollywood resources, we can quickly allow everyone get in touch with the application of digital currency and be familiarized with it.

Kiana:I see. As far as I know, Dior has founded many blockchain companies, all of which are dedicated to solve somewhat issues in today’s world. So what was the original intention of HollyGold? What kind of problems do you want to solve?

Dior Wu:Let everyone from different industries and sectors gain the opportunity to participate in the unattainable Hollywood through HOLLYGOLD. “HOLLY” in the front represents Hollywood, and “GOLD” in the back represents the value token. Take me as an example. With no extensive background in the film industry, my name has however been included in the IMDB Global Film Industry Database within a short period of time after the establishment of the company.

Most movies must go through fundraising before releasing, and only a few people can participate in it. But think from another perspective, if everyone in the world contributes a small portion, that amount would result in a large sum. So we cannot neglect the common crowd. Through HOLLYGOLD, everyone has the opportunity to invest in films. Only blockchain technology can provide a platform for the method above. And since everyone is involved, it will change everyone’s consumption behavior and alter the marketing strategies of the film industry. Word of mouth marketing can be initiated without the need of incentives.

Kiana:Can you tell us in detail about the overall plan of the HollyGold project, including the design of its economic model, and the IEO’s sales plan?

Dior Wu:Decentralization, to allow the general public to co-participate in the making of Hollywood films and dismantle the monopolized phenomenon in the film industry. Bringing benefits to every single person involved in the aim of this HollyGold project. Through an integration between The Hollywood film industry and my patented blockchain technology, we can achieve this goal. HOLLYGOLD is the proof that as long as you hold a portion of it, you are equivalent to participating in investment and distribution of the movie. By initiating a repurchase and destruction mechanism, the number of tokens will become less and their prices may soar as a result of demand and supply, and everyone can share the benefits and enjoy the wealth brought by the film industry.

Kiana:Do you have competitors of the same type? What are the outstanding advantages of HollyGold that others cannot imitate?

Dior Wu:Many previous projects have also adopted movie topics to issue movie tokens, but there have not been any successful cases. However, HOLLYGOLD has been supported by huge Hollywood resources since its inception, with a massive global influence from Hollywood. Therefore, HollyGold has formed unmatched global recognition. In addition, we have taken advantage of this pandemic with the new lifestyle it has enforced to the world, that puts forward a new opportunity for HGOLD in development.

One crucial advantage of HollyGold is that we have a renowned post production company BASE, acting as our most important strategic partner, as well as TCL Chinese Theater. With the promotion from celebrities and influencers, a strong Hollywood film consultant group, and the support of well-known Hollywood companies, such as wolfe air, sugar factory, etc., these related corporations can use HGOLD for commercial transactions in the future. All of the resources mentioned above are in the palms of our hands, this is the reason why we are unique and will not be replaced, let alone surpassed. HollyGold has created a blue ocean of digital currencies, and in this blue ocean, there will only be HollyGold.

Kiana:What kinds of landing application does HollyGold currently possessed, and what are the results?

Dior Wu:We have successfully purchased the artwork of Balloon Dog by modern artist Jeff Koons with HollyGold. In the authoritative global movie database, it can be found that HollyGold has invested in five Hollywood movies such as “Willy’s Wonderland”, In Harm Way”, “Lord of West”, “Wish Dragon 2”, “Recharge”. One of our important partners, a professional Hollywood tracking photography company Wolfe Air, which is famous for its product for a speed of Mach 1 aircraft tracking and shooting, has guaranteed to use HollyGold as a payment currency for aircraft rental.

All spendings in next year’s global Marvel Animation Exhibition has been finalized to use HollyGold as the only transactional currency. By the way, I am invited to attend the premiere of “American Badass” on Nov 15 as a Hollywood film investor. This is a documentary film that pays tribute to Michael Madsen, who has been in film for 40 years and starred in “Kill Bill”. With the number of superstars one could imagine to see at the premiere, this also reflected HollyGold as a blockchain digital currency has been widely recognized by the Hollywood industry.

Kiana:HollyGold is indeed an excellent project. I believe HollyGold will be a successful cross-border project that surprises both the blockchain industry and Hollywood. What are you most looking forward to for HollyGold’s future?

Dior Wu:My main aim is to bring everyone to get involved in the manipulation of digital currency one day. I would like to use my blockchain patented technology as a tool to carry out unlimited cross-border cooperation. This is my expectation I held for myself. HollyGold is the realization of my dream. I also hope that everyone has a chance to realize their dreams. As I mentioned before, the benefits of sustainability are to share with everyone communally. This is my initial intention to venture into the blockchain field. Therefore, the existence of HollyGold is to allow everyone to have access to the benefits of digital currency, so that ordinary people could also experience the worldly living style like Hollywood stars through investment.

Just as a while ago, Jack Ma participated at the Bund Summit 2020 that was held from from Oct 23-25, where he mentioned in the Bund Financial Summit: The future financial system must revolutionize its current service scheme, from working for the tip of the pyramid that accounts for approximately 20% of the world’s rich people class, to working for 80% of the world’s less privileged class. Moreover, to transform how business models work in the past where income is passive, and change it to an active source. And the only standard to evaluate this service scheme is through inclusiveness, environmental friendliness, and sustainability. The backbone of it is whether cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and blockchain could play a decisive role. For me, Jack Ma’s statement is exactly what I said in 2017, when I decided to commercialize the concept of blockchain application. So the original intention and vision of HollyGold is exactly the same as Jack Ma’s idea. We are doing these things with or even ahead of Jack Ma.

Kiana:The last question, most investors in the market today pay attention to the price of the tokens especially for IEO projects. The users may stress on the potential gain from short-term trading. So the marketing strategy of IEO projects is of great significance. In this regard, have you planned for any strategies that can give investors confidence?

Dior Wu:HollyGold will always maintain the price and value of the Token. Our responsibility is that all participants are protected by rights to enjoy and invest in our project. As mentioned by Jack Ma, inclusiveness, green legal, and sustainability are three main standards that should be kept at all costs in blockchain finance. It is also our constant pursuit, with infinite cross-border integration, comes our consistent strategy.

As we mentioned before, in addition to the five Hollywood movies we have invested in, we have also recently invested in the post-production for special effects of the box office guaranteed film series – Fast and Furious 9 and 007. HollyGold is a movie entertainment investment company, on top of movies, we are gradually getting our hands on more sectors such as pop music/TV series/anime/…all global cross-border entertainment films and television fields. For example, the Asian Marvel Comics and Animation Expo in 2021 has begun in preparation stages, cooperating in the music brands of the famous Spring Wave Music and Art Festival in Asia have been signed too, and we will also collaborate with world-class Influencers to film for promotion. I believe that in the near future, you will see HollyGold making an unprecedented exposure and fame, with increasingly amazing cross-border cooperation projects.


Thank you Dior and Kevin for taking time to introduce us their project HollyGold, who would have thought cryptocurrency could link with the vast future of film production, truly overwhelmed. Everyone should also pay attention to the IEO cooperation between DigiFinex and HollyGold that has already started on Nov 9th 2020 till Nov 13 2020! Where token sales lucky draw have officially begun for public purchases. For more details, you may direct to our official Token Sale Page right below, good luck!

Visit now >>> HollyGold Project

HollyGold was a project invested by multiple parties including Singapore HOLLY.GOLD PTE, LTD, Hollywood films investor Kevin Robl, and Taiwanese blockchain godfather Dior Wu. HGOLD is a multi-purpose movie digital currency created to facilitate the movie ecosystem. HollyGold is a global strategic partner of Base FX and Production Capital.

To watch the AMA Live: AMA | HollyGold – The Golden Bridge of Hollywood dreams and Worldly Living

Sources: HollyGold

Telegram: https://t.me/hollygoldofficial

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