Have Your Crypto Ready, DigiFinex Launching China Stocks Index

As DigiFinex remain a pioneer in the industry, we want to give our users the best trading experience. Today, we are introducing the first ever cryptocurrencies pegged to the China Stocks Index, China A-Shares Crypto ETF (A50A300A500) exclusively, without the need to register for brokerage accounts and free from costly fees.

The bullish China Stocks Market has spurred more international investors venturing into the A-shares market, but are bounded by geographical restrictions. DigiFinex understands the struggle that these international investors are facing, thus are offering China A-Shares Crypto ETF as a hassle-free solution to international investors who want to invest in the China Stocks Market.

What Are A-Shares?

A Shares are domestic stocks traded in Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchanges, quoted in RMB. It is widely considered as an indicator of the Chinese economy. Historically, the shares were only open to Chinese citizens and a small number of qualified investment institutions.

Why A-Shares?

Promising Growth – The Chinese booming stock market, is a hidden gem on the rise. With as high as 40% historical returns, A-shares proves to be a robust investment tool.

Perfect Way to Diversify your Portfolio – China Stock Market’s weighting in The MSCI Emerging Markets has recorded a rapid growth 4 times over the year

Backed by the 2nd largest economy – China has demonstrated as a leading country with speedy recovery on economy post-pandemic

Supportive Monetary Policies – The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) offers higher interest rates compared to the US, Europe and Japan to give more buffer in adjusting the economy’s fluctuation

How Can You Benefit from Our China A-Shares Crypto ETF?

Fuss-free – No brokerage account and RMB accounts required. All you need is crypto and your DigiFinex account

Borderless – Invest in one of the fastest growing economy – china onshore market anytime, anywhere

Affordable – Waived costly brokerage fee from traditional brokers with low transaction fees

High Quality Products – Hand-picked ETF indexes 50, 300 and 500 that best represent China’s booming economy

Global Identity – Global exchange platform that is widely trusted by 4 million users

Customer Service – 24/7 customer-support by your side

About China A-Shares Crypto ETF

DigiFinex China A-Shares Crypto ETF Funds is a type of ETF consisting a portfolio of stocks constructed to resemble the China Stock Market’s financial index composition and performance. DigiFinex aims to provide our users with a broad market exposure at minimal cost and portfolio turnover, seeking to match market risks and returns with our ETF products. We work like your personal fund portfolio manager by strategically selecting securities of the highest quality and earning potential to invest in for you.

Token Key Info


Simple 3 steps to start earning

2. Register for an DigiFinex account 

3. Deposit USDT into DigiFinex’s Wallet, or purchase USDT via “Buy Crypto with Visa or Mastercard

4. Go to ETF section section to start trading A50, A300 and A500!


Trading hours for the 3 tokens are: 9:30 am- 11:30 am and 1:00pm – 3:00pm (GMT+8 Beijing timezone)

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