Blockchain to Find Cure for Covid-19

Blockchain to Find Cure for Covid-19
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August 08, 2020

  1. Mastercard & Visa Driving Crypto Adoption
  2. Bitcoin Becoming Mainstream
  3. Blockchain to Find Cure for Covid-19
  4. Bitcoin to Hit Six Figures

Mastercard & Visa Driving Crypto Adoption

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Global payment giants Mastercard & Visa have demonstrated their support for the use of cryptocurrencies by opening new payment options internationally.

Both Mastercard & Visa have recognised cryptocurrencies as a promising platform to serve as an expansion of their existing network-of-networks to support the new global eCommerce technology. Mastercard & Visa have started powering up top cryptocurrency exchanges like DigiFinex to enable users to purchase Bitcoin conveniently. 

Visa is determined to remain the global payment network leader, publicly affirming its support for cryptocurrency payment services. Visa also recognises that the crypto space is gaining traction that goes beyond financial technology. With its fintech accelerator program, FastTrack, cryptocurrency firms would be able to access Visa’s systems and network. 

Visa has been developing its cryptocurrency projects that revolve around building security infrastructure for the crypto ecosystem and shaping crypto regulations & policies. At the same time, Mastercard actively encourages crypto exchanges and payment service providers to become partners of its Accelerate platform to drive different crypto market entries and expansion. 

As financial leaders, Mastercard and Visa are determined to drive crypto adoption by actively supporting cryptocurrency and blockchain companies to build confidence in cryptocurrency in daily utilisation.

Source | Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Becoming Mainstream

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Digital Assets Data CEO, Mike Alfred believes so.
Alfred explained the increased enthusiasm in Bitcoin (BTC) from the public upon the soaring prices of the BTC.

The BTC saw a whopping $1,000 jump within a single daily price candle, from $9,930 to $11,400, according to data from TradingView.com.
Alfred states that Digital Assets Data has received increased inquiries from traditional financial firms looking to get into the crypto space quickly.
Further, DeFi also saw a growing interest in its development, although it has limited real economic impact – Posting over 100% gains in 2020 in short periods. Ultimately, the BTC remains as an indicator for the health of the ecosystem.

Despite episodes of bullish and bearish markets, regulatory issues, legal cases, the Crypto industry remains on the rise.

Source | Cointelegraph

Blockchain to Find Cure for Covid-19

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CEO of crypto ATM network, Bitcoin Deport, Brandon Mintz, states.

Blockchain technology has played significant roles in several major developments. This time, it is contributing to the development of pharmaceutical drugs to fight COVID-19 with its security features and immeasurable computational power to confirm transactions and generate new coins.


“Since COVID-19 hit worldwide, we’ve had to process more information online than ever before, and incorporating the added security that blockchain offers have been an enormous help in my eyes. I think developments like this are great. If there are resources available and it can potentially improve the project greatly – I think more institutions should look into expanding their own projects like this.”

Adopting the Blockchain technology’s computational power will further strengthen Covid-19 related research projects, along with added support from large crypto communities creating new ways to combat the virus.

Mintz is excited to see the adoption of blockchain from governments in combating Covid-19 and believes that the Pandemic will see through mass belief in the vast benefit that the blockchain technology can bring to the table, stating

“I think one of the biggest takeaways for most is that blockchain technology can be as flexible as you need it to be. Especially in cases like the current pandemic, we’ve seen blockchain be used for handling patient data and contact tracing to helping businesses with verifying donations. The community has found ways to apply it to non-typical uses and I hope that trend continues in the future.”

Source | Cointelegraph

Bitcoin to Hit Six Figures

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Wall Street veteran, Max Keiser has forecasted the Bitcoin (BTC) price to hit six figures, and BTC will keep rising till it hits $28,000 in this period, with the BTC price rising over 20% within a week.

Keiser predicted the BTC price when BTC gained over $1,000 in price within a day. Cointelegraph has also reported that the BTC has maintained at $10,000 for long periods, and this data indicated steady growth than other periods in 2020.

The Bitcoin market is set to become more attractive, with inflation of money supply from the Federal Reserve, uneasiness is seen among investors with geopolitical tensions and current pandemic, Covid-19. With the BTC price previously remaining at $10,500 with marked severe resistance, at present, even slightly lower level of prices would be a turning point for the BTC.

Source | Cointelegraph

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