DigiFinex AMA Recap | Seamless Integration of Digital Assets and E-Commerce

DigiFinex AMA

July 29th, 2020

DigiFinex AMA Recap – Seamless Integration of Digital Assets and E-Commerce

E-commerce is rising at an exponential rate in these recent years, and no one can doubt its potential with the audience group growing larger and larger. But how could one benefit at the same time while shopping? To be exact, to earn while shopping? Nikolay Shkilev, Co-Founder and CEO of ZELWIN.com will be able to answer that for you.

At this AMA episode, we have invited Nikolay Shkilev, PhD to share with us his investment journey on Blockchain projects from the perspective as the World’s Best ICO Advisor. As a Co-Founder and CEO of ZELWIN.com himself, Nikolay will introduce us to ZELWIN as the first platform that offered a way for users to make money while online shopping. We will also discuss his insights that brought forward the integration between digital assets and e-commerce seamlessly.

Guest of the night, Nikolay Shkilev, PhD, Zelwin.com’s CEO & Cofounder

Nikolay is a serial entrepreneur, a professional speaker and sophisticated businessman with 20 years of rich experience in owning different types of businesses ranging from E-commerce, FMCG, medicine and logistics to IT technologies. In parallel, he works as a mentor and occasionally advisor to help dozens of projects worldwide, inc. Blockchain.

With his extensive coverage on business categories, Nikolay has earned many awards and titles, including Self-Made Russia award, Best IT mentor/advisor award, Super TOP award (Business FM). His Holding BaltShelf.com has received the “Enterprise of the Year” award, too.

Host of the night, Kiana Shek, DigiFinex CXO

Previously working for Baidu as Assistant General Manager, Kiana has had advanced education in the financial field, also obtaining a rich background in Big data, AI, international businesses. In 2017, she founded DigiFinex as a Co-Founder, and dedicated to provide a safer, convenient, transparent digital asset exchange platform for the people. She is also responsible for promoting brand values globally on behalf of DigiFinex, and actively takes part in various Blockchain summits around the world.

Below is a highlight of our Live Session:

Kiana Shek (Top Left) & Nikolay Shkilev (Bottom)

# About Zelwin

The online shopping platform ZELWIN.com, is an online trading platform where it has combined digital assets and e-commerce. Launched in May, 2020, Zelwin.com has been growing rapidly ever since. A huge advantage of this platform is that for every purchase, customers get guaranteed cashback in ZLW tokens. They will instantly be able to exchange these tokens for various fiat currencies such as USD/EUR, send them to VISA/MasterCard or simply save them up. In addition, it is a ready-made product with a clear business model and expecting mass adoption. ZLW is now available on DigiFinex!

# Kiana & Nikolay: Interview

Kiana: Hello Nikolay, it’s nice to have you here with us and welcome to DigiFinex AMA Live.

Nikolay: Hello, Kiana and hello everyone. Thank you for your invitation. Let’s start.

Kiana: You are considered as a successful businessman with over 20 years of working experience in fields such as E-commerce, FMCG, logistics, even in IT. What is the reason or opportunity that turned you to get in touch with the Blockchain industry and decided to start this business?

Nikolay: I began studying blockchain several years ago; it was something completely new to me, something novel and interesting. I understood that it was the future of our time, just like the Internet. 25-30 years ago, the Internet was neither understood nor accepted, and the ones who refused to use it have lost their businesses. We are currently witnessing an evolution in the form of blockchain. Yes, so far, it is in its infancy, but the trend cannot be denied and the cynics have already been proven wrong. Whoever masters this market quickest will become rich, and then your own children will tell legends of such people.

Kiana: We’ve heard that you have received the World’s Best ICO Advisor Award last year. Could you share some expertise as a professional ICO Advisor?

Nikolay: Yes. You’re right. I worked as a mentor, advisor to help tens of projects worldwide in the area of the blockchain, ICO and STO. Seeing what was working in this area and what key mistakes should be avoided, I got a tremendous experience and met all the key players of this industry personally at various events, as a speaker. And now it’s easy for me to go to any founder, to any exchange, to any media.

# Kiana & Nikolay: About ZELWIN, Everything that you want to know

Kiana: Thanks for your sharing! When you started ZELWIN, what’s the key purpose? We are very curious about the story behind.

Nikolay: I saw the same problems with projects in all Blockchain industry:

No.1 – They don’t have a ready-made product. Only an idea
No.2 – Problem with a clear business model
No.3 – Problem with mass adoption
No.4 – Problem with financing

And 1.5 years ago I decided to create my own big project and now we resolved all these problems. We have: 1) Ready-Made product, with 11 teams working on this powerful project; 2) Fully financed project, and we did everything using our own money; 3) Clear business model, we have no less than 4 monetization methods, including:

A/ Traditional way of monetization
We receive money from buyers and commission from merchants/sellers
B/ We have a built-in Exchange
You can change crypto to cash, fiat to crypto. Send to Visa/Mastercard in one click. And, of course, we’ll receive commission from both sides.
* We don’t give away any tokens to anyone. Only in exchange for real money
D/ We launched a powerful Affiliate Referral Program

And finally, 4) Mass adoption, with more than two billion people worldwide who have bought something online, that’s why we decided to connect the real sector of economics (e-commerce) with blockchain.

Kiana: How should we interpret the tagline “ZELWIN is the first marketplace in the world where everyone makes money” ?

Nikolay: As I have said before, we launched our Powerful Affiliate Referral Program where everyone can earn. So how does it work?
The WIN-WIN strategy is everywhere:
1. People can invite Sellers and receive adequate commission from all of their sales
>> It’s very profitable for Sellers, too. Free registration, no subscription fees, commission only from real sales. Zero risks. Additional sales channel.

2. People can invite Buyers to our website and receive 20% of cashback from them
>> It’s profitable for Buyers to use a referral link of those people, because then their cashback is doubled.

3. People can sell our “Partner’s packages” and receive up to 30% of commission from sales
>> For Partners who bought our packages it’s profitable to purchase everything through the people in our system, because then they receive double the amount of tokens.

In other words, we are developing a Marketplace for the People with No restrictions, anyone can join for FREE Absolutely, We are giving this chance to everyone without an exception.

Kiana: At the moment, most cryptocurrencies investors are more concerned on token prices and their ROI, may I ask how ZELWIN operates its tokenomics? Any skills you can teach our audience and do you have plans to repurchase?

Nikolay: I totally agree with you. 98% of projects drop in price after listing.

Our price had started at $1 for one ZELWIN token. But now on Coinmarketcap, the price for Zelwin token is more than $4 and still growing.

It means that early investors have received more than 325%+ of ROI.

Why we’re growing so fast? Because unlike other projects, we didn’t make any ICO, IEO, pre-sale, airdrops, big discounts, we didn’t promise any profit before etc. etc. We did everything for our own money. That’s why nobody can’t kill our price now! And we’re growing without any pressure.

About your second question and plans for repurchase.
We actually have a strong mathematical model.

  • Seller sends us 100 dollars of commission
  • We send 50 dollars of cashback to buyer but in our tokens
  • We still have in our pocket 100 real dollars.
  • And then we can buy all those tokens back from exchanges for real 50 bucks

It means that in the final stage we will have $50 in our pocket and also will have returned all tokens back!

This creates a natural deficit of our tokens and can increase the value of our digital assets by several times! And you can see these results on CoinMarketCap with our ROI.

Kiana: E-commerce is already widely seen across the world and is developing steadily. One inevitable competition from e-comm giants like Amazon and Alibaba. Compared to these listed giants, what are the benefits of shopping on ZELWIN? Are there specific tactics on procurement to differentiate yourself? 

Nikolay: It is still too early to compare us to Amazon, but a huge advantage of our platform is that for every purchase, customers get guaranteed cashback in ZLW tokens. They are instantly able to exchange these tokens for various fiat currencies such as USD/EUR, send them to VISA/MasterCard to exchanges or simply save them up. With all e-commerce markets accumulated, there is an estimated amount of over 3 trillions of dollars and growing very fast and if we manage to get at least 1% of this market – we would be talking about billions of dollars. And remember about our cool referral program.

Kiana: There are no geographical boundaries on E-commerce as long as there is Internet connection. How many countries is ZELWIN covering now? Could you tell us about ZELWIN’s future mapping?

Nikolay: You’re right. Our project has no boundaries. And we already have communities in more than 20 countries (you can check in Telegram) and we’re growing very fast.

Kiana: Coming to the concerning topic these days – While Covid-19 has severely impacted the globe, has ZELWIN carried out any effective measures to deal with it? If yes, what are the results?

Nikolay: Yes and we understand that dozens of millions of people will be left without a job because of Covid-19, and for these people we are offering our Powerful Affiliate Program where they can earn. And I invite all of you to become our partner. Let’s create a new Giant together!

Kiana: Very interesting insights from Nikolay. 10 years ago, who would have thought that people could be using cryptocurrency to shop commodities online, and now here we are, with a bright future put forward by Blockchain and more and more cryptocurrencies. Never deny the potential of a new project as long as there’s possibility. 


We had a great AMA session with Nikolay Shkilev, and learnt on how ZELWIN as an online shopping platform differs from ordinary e-commerce businesses and is creating a new niche for either crypto newbies or experienced crypto investors. To watch the AMA Live, click: AMA | Seamless Integration of Digital Assets and E-Commerce

Please stay tuned to our next episode of AMA Live.

Sources: ZELWIN.com

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