DigiFinex AMA Recap | How to enable Blockchain Projects Success in Marketing Channels


July 17, 2020

DigiFinex AMA Recap – How to enable Blockchain Projects Success in Marketing Channels?

Bitcoin has already been in the market for approximately a decade, and it’s safe to say it has successfully attracted a reasonable group of investors, big or small globally. Under a prevailing wave of affirmed regulations, investment in cryptocurrency is likely to become one of mainstream trends in no time. Yet, due to its lack of public supervision and decentralized nature, there have been a plethora of scams in the crypto industry. Despite countless fraud incidents, investors are still willing to participate and give it a try, displaying its rich potential to be uncovered in the future. With the rise of more and more outstanding Blockchain enterprises, one strongly believes that Blockchain is about to expand exponentially and contribute to a healthy ecosystem in the market. 

At DigiFinex AMA Episode 4, we have invited world famous Blockchain marketing service provider, TEAMZ’s CEO & Cofounder, Mr Yang Tianyu here, to share with us his personal experience as an entrepreneur, and on empowering Blockchain projects. Topics will be surrounding the hottest business model these days, handling Blockchain projects efficiency and delivering techniques to identify quality projects. This live session will be incredibly precious and useful for beginners in the Blockchain industry.

Guest of the night, Yang Tianyu, TEAMZ’s CEO & Cofounder

Yang Tianyu is a Chinese entrepreneur, professional speaker and intellectual investor, who is currently based in Japan. He founded TEAMZ in 2017 and since then it has been a pioneer in Japan’s Blockchain industry.

He used to work for IBM Japan and was responsible for AI technology expansion in three giant banks in Japan. Graduated from Chuo University with a master degree in Public Policy, and a Bachelor degree of Business Administration from San Diego State University, Tianyu has acquired a robust background in business management and is fluent in Chinese, Japanese and English.

Host of the night, Kiana Shek, DigiFinex CXO

Previously working for Baidu as Assistant General Manager, Kiana has had advanced education in the financial field, also obtaining a rich background in Big data, AI, international businesses. In 2017, she founded DigiFinex as a Co-Founder, and dedicated to provide a safer, convenient, transparent digital asset exchange platform for the people. She is also responsible for promoting brand values globally on behalf of DigiFinex, and actively takes part in various Blockchain summits around the world. 

Below is a highlight of our Live Session:

Kiana Shek (Top Left) & Yang Tianyu (Bottom)

#Let us first get to know more about Tian yu/ Mr Yang, and his start up journey.

Kiana: Hello, Tianyu, when was the first time you invested in cryptocurrency? Could you share with us how you get involved in the Blockchain industry in the first place?

Tianyu: The first investment in cryptocurrency has to date back to 2017’s beginning. There was a sea of blockchain projects flooding in Japan in 2017, I was also working on my start up at that time, and looking for a direction. I came across Blockchain as well as cryptocurrency under market factors like that, and very soon I have decided to get involved in this field too.

Kiana: Can definitely tell you are a decisive entrepreneur with strong executional skills, what was the motive for you to establish TeamZ?

Tianyu: When in 2017 there weren’t companies providing service in the Blockchain or cryptocurrency industry. We had a really simple thought at that time – to allow more people to know more about the industry through our platform, and strike to become Japan’s top service provider in the market, also hoping to stimulate and accelerate better Blockchain projects with our existence.

#Next up, we would love to understand further how TEAMZ could empower Blockchain projects.

Kiana: Please tell us about TEAMZ’s area of services.

Tianyu: TEAMZ area of services are primarily categorized to 3 blocks.

The first one is TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT. We have begun to hold summits in 2017, and gradually shaped TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT into one of the best annual events to look forward to in Japan’s market. To be frank, we wish to promote TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT as a practical platform to deliver the newest trends within the Blockchain industry, tap into the knowledge pool of cryptocurrency, bridging local and international social networks, and shaping an enhanced eco-system for interested parties to join. It was not entirely about making profit.

The second one is TEAMZ Market Consultation. Our major service lies in doing overseas promotion for local brands and localization for international projects respectively, a complete set of market strategy. There includes brand structuring, community maintenance, social media management, online/ offline events organization, digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, and investment consultation etc. We have accumulated more than 300 clients so far.

The third one is our online live and social media platform ChainTalk. This is also the highlight of our 2020 focused area, we aim to be the world’s top Blockchain marketing service provider in the world. 

Kiana: Due to COVID-19, all industries are facing difficulties in marketing campaigns and are thus switching to online channels. What did TEAMZ do to adapt to the changes? Online AMA is definitely going big this year, TEAMZ has also rolled out the ChainTalk category, how would you reckon TEAMZ stands out from the competitors? Are there any successful cases you could share?

Tianyu: I’ll talk about what TEAMZ did to accommodate the changes first.

We immediately cancel all scheduled offline Blockchain Summits in the first place, and turn to online. Every year, Tokyo’s Sakura season is where TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT takes place, but we could see how severe it was when in January, so we made the decision instantly. With a clear direction established, we have very quickly started a new team in less than a month’s time, and developed our original online live and social media platform ChainTalk. From May 18 to 23, we held our first large scale online summit Crypto Asia Summit, with nearly 100 guest speakers and more than 10 thousands viewers participated in the one week’s online summit, it’s safe to say we did pretty well in this fairly short period. 

ChainTalk’s strengths lie in our original content, and that we did not put profits as our first priority but content quality and user experience. ChainTalk does not have set target countries like China, Japan or any of the European markets, our client groups come from anywhere and it’s truly diversified. We believe this could lay a robust foundation for ChainTalk’s future development. We adopted an entirely online approach as we don’t release press releases like traditional media, ChainTalk also has its own social media presence, which is what makes ChainTalk different and stands out. 

We do have a lot of successful cases. For example Japan’s biggest exchange platform Coincheck, Japan’s top licensed exchange platform Liquid, Cryptocurrency wallet Ballet, World’s Perpetual Swap Trading platform Bitmex, Quality Blockchain project Dash etc. are all partnering with us at the moment.

Kiana: Smart decisions, once again proving a great team that you have! What do you think are the biggest contributions and values TEAMZ has offered to the Blockchain industry?

Tianyu: TEAMZ has contributed to the Blockchain industry majorly through our Summit platform, which has been helpful in speeding up strategy formation, and our online live media has also been providing the most up-to-date and cutting-edge information and news, promoting collaboration between parties and assisting to build a win-win relationship in this industry.

I would say TEAMZ biggest contribution or contributing factor is our concentration on Japan’s market through initiating a one-stop landing on behalf of foreign projects. This is also beneficial in helping us to cater overseas promotion for local projects. 

#We will now move on to enabling Blockchain projects in marketing aspects.

Kiana: Bitcoin has already been in the market for approximately a decade, the scale of cryptocurrency investors are undeniably increasing. Which area of knowledge do you think are significant to invest in crypto assets?


  1. Has to obtain a basic understanding on Blockchain and cryptocurrency, grasp hold of the logic in a holistic view
  2. Knowing how to function on a digital asset exchange platform with cryptocurrency is necessary
  3. Must undertake studies and research, identify investment target, remember not to jump on the bandwagon effect 
  4. Acquire the ability to inspect business models and their team structure, one can only blame on oneself in mis-investing a fraud project
  5. Invest in projects that are more familiar, and make sure to know the model in the very least

Kiana: Thank you for your suggestions, I’m hoping interested investors could more or less absorb a little bit of insight from that. Personally I have a question that I would like to ask, have you ever invested in any Blockchain projects? If yes, would you be able to share a few investment insights with us?

Tianyu: Yes, when we are involved or serving certain projects, we would more or less invest a little in it, especially during 2017 and first half of 2018, where we have a handful of tokens that we still couldn’t recall by now. But in overall, Bitcoin is still the main investment, personally and in company-wise, profits are always exchanging in Bitcoin form. We are also planning to invest in Filecoin recently. 

For investment insights, personally I don’t have a trader background, hence I wouldn’t say I’m good at the secondary market. I seldom do coin speculation, more on holding tokens that I have faith in for a reasonable time. So I would recommend everyone to first go on and attempt stable investment in the beginning if you don’t have a trader background. Also remember not to rush over trends, it is worth to wait and consider stable investment that will bring back profit in the long run.

Kiana: Grateful for your sharing, so are you holding any cryptocurrency at the moment? Which one do you see potential in the long run?

Tianyu: I personally have always been holding some BTC, and will always be looking up to BTC. Filecoin is also a good choice to keep an eye on.

Kiana: Seems like Tianyu has been a loyal fan of BTC since the very beginning. Let me ask a question that our audience might be interested in. There are currently plenty of listings on digital asset exchange platforms, how should we identify quality ones to avoid scams and tricks?

Tianyu: This is a tough question in fact, because there are honestly too many traps nowadays. For normal users like us, it is really hard to tell which blockchain projects are potential scams.

I would say if users are likely experienced in the Blockchain industry and the techniques, one can determine the project’s authenticity on one’s own.

But to the majority, users are still relatively inexperienced, thus I would recommend everyone to have a look at the project and check if there are promising investment associations or participation from incubators. Although it seems like a general criteria to judge from, there is some truth in it as the Blockchain industry is gradually mature and genuine investment associations do have a standard set of logic to follow suit, they are also strict on gatekeeping potential investment projects, so to judge on projects quality with consideration from promising investment associations is still pretty persuasive.

#Coming to the final round of questions, could you take DigiFinex as an example and list out some exclusive secrets to promote blockchain projects efficiently.

Kiana: In your opinion, what is the obstacle in promoting blockchain projects? How could we better approach our target audience?

Tianyu: I think it lies in the discoordination between projects and exchange platforms, in terms of service goals and business cycle.

Attempting to reach users through building a seemingly effective marketing matrix is indeed a pseudo-proposition, unless we are hard-selling. It’s actually very unrealistic to see it from the perspective of marketing promotion, users don’t really take it. But there is a little tip – that is to keep holding a series of online and offline events, which is really the most straight-forward way to reach new users, this is also why we have created ChainTalk, our utmost wish is to provide an easy and simple platform to discover new audience groups. Of course the platform itself would need enough traffic.

Kiana: A successful brand building requires long term strategic planning and DigiFinex started from scratch. To provide better products and services, we have done our rebranding as well as enhancement on our website and APP. If you are to take DigiFinex to the next level, could you recommend some practical ways for brand promotion, and to expand our global reputation?

Tianyu: In fact there aren’t really any shortcuts to marketing promotion in both project sides or exchange platforms. There are however ways where you can go straight ahead, and expand brands’ global reputation effectively.

First I would suggest that every CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and marketing teams look in the long term aspect. Knowing how fast this industry has been growing, most companies adopt immediate action and turnover to be their marketing approaches. But for brands that actually work, branding and promotion do take time to work the magic, especially in opening up international markets because that’s the time when you will need external partnership to assist in overseas expansion. For most beginners, local partnerships are critical to achieve a stable market position, usually spanning from 6 months to a year long, whatever comes afterwards will be a choice between continuous collaboration or taking over from internally.

Second is to carefully plot a restructuring strategy for marketing promotion according to the actual situation. PR, SEO, social media maintenance and advertisement from traditional media and Blockchain media, media interviews, advertisement in communities, influencer marketing, online/ offline events and other relevant marketing strategies are all required to be well thought and planned with precise scheduling from both parties. It’s always essential to initiate a good marketing promotion with excellent strategy and the best timing.

Moreover, it’s important to realize what are the possible local regulatory rules to adhere by before launching the promotion. For exchange platforms in Japan, the type of content, channels to promote are all under the government’s management, so it’s rather strict into what firms can do and what can’t. We try to avoid these situations as much as possible, saving time while increasing productivity, as well as laying a good foundation in the future.

Lastly, if there aren’t team members to help on overseas expansion, it’s highly recommended to look for experienced partners to manipulate traffic and work with.

Kiana: I believe this would be extremely valuable to all experts involved in the Blockchain industry. Viewing from the trend in recent years, the industry is getting attention like every half year. Do you think exchange platforms or blockchain projects are capable of doing buzz marketing or should we take advantage of the waves?

Tianyu: In my opinion, I don’t really recommend buzz marketing or trendy topics, and this advice applies to all parties. The best marketing approach is to generate authentic content, so to fully deliver the services to the user.

I can’t say it is totally bad to do buzz marketing or based on hot topics, but it is important to keep in mind that everything needs to keep a balance and a good control, excessive adoption might bring aversive impact to the brand. It is advised that both parties must master the balance.

As for the specific buzz marketing itself, I think it still needs to have a very rich content to start with. When everyone is having a lively discussion on the same topic, can one be sure to create something even more attractive? The other significant point is whether both parties could link together the merits of the services and the hot topics, and transform it into content that will arouse enough interest. The more realistic and practical it seems, the better audience can relate to.

Kiana: Such a fruitful session with Tianyu. Indeed, any marketing campaigns that deny the intrinsic connection between products and brand values are pseudo-proposition.

Up till now, we are done with the interview. Once again, thank you Tianyu and Kiana for bringing us a wonderful sharing session. We believe whether it is cryptocurrency investors or entrepreneurs will find the above dialogues useful. Thank you everyone for watching, we hope to see you in the next AMA Live.


We had a great AMA session with Yang Tianyu, and learnt on how TEAMZ as an online marketing service platform has been enabling success in their own marketing channels, as well as on tricks to identify quality projects. To watch the AMA Live, click: AMA | How to enable Blockchain Projects Success in Marketing Channels

Please stay tuned to our next episode of AMA Live.

Sources: TEAMZ JP

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