After having more than 4 million users, DigiFinex now announces major rebranding


Release: June 29, 2020. For Immediate Release

DigiFinex,  a world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, today has completed an extensive rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and renewal to its corporate vision in becoming an all-encompassing crypto asset management platform.

One of the most active global cryptocurrency exchanges

Over the 2 years, DigiFinex has cemented its status as the market leader of crypto exchanges. It has experienced rapid growth, tallying 4 million registered users in over 150 countries with regulated exchange licenses. This growth reflects the remarkable rise in the complexity and popularity of crypto trading in recent years, with a need to execute customer-centric wealth management across products and services.

Beyond Your Wealth Companion

Kiana Shek, the CXO at DigiFinex, unveiled, “It’s a major milestone in the company’s evolution as a digital finance exchange. It perfectly illustrates our growing ambition and redefines who we are to drive change and shape the future of the crypto industry with all possibilities. That’s the reason I have stepped up from Co-Founder to CXO, meaning we have the potential to be anything.” 

She added that their brand ethos has always been built on integrity, diversity, dependability, and sustainability – these are what keep DigiFinex’s business progressing in the past years. They also pride themselves on being able to make crypto trading and asset management easier and more accessible to their users. It guards users’ assets as they do for their families, which echo their new tagline – ‘Beyond Your Wealth Companion’.

Building an all-rounded crypto experience

The previous few quarters have been particularly exciting for the increasing demands on the crypto derivatives market, where DigiFinex itself has launched DigiDeriv for the market too. The activities happening among the markets are reflecting the acceleration of crypto adoption worldwide. To meet the rising demand for crypto asset management and related products, DigiFinex has also introduced Crypto Quant Fund and Flexi Earn, to generate passive income for users with different risk appetites; and also Crypto Loans, to provide instant liquidity. To enhance crypto adoption, DigiFinex provides various ways to purchase crypto, including P2p transactions and buy crypto with credit and debit cards, and now supports more than 40 fiat currencies in purchasing over 20 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. DigiFinex has been unifying all these assets behind its clear, clean revitalized brand of DigiFinex and it is proud to be the bridge between traditional and the crypto markets.

DigiFinex redesign details: 

  • Covers our website, logo, graphics, communications, and correspondence
  • Color: royal purple/cyber grape and peppermint green that convey authority and trustworthiness in an understandable way. 
  • Typerface: font type’s name to reflect our team’s vibrance and passion for the industry
  • Navigation: user-friendly navigation of essential information about products, services, a resource centre for either desktop, mobile or tablet use. 

DigiFinex facts:

  • Founded in 2017.
  • Headquartered in Hong Kong with global offices in China, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, and Korea. 
  • With 4 million+ registered users, with 800,000 active users from 150+ countries. 
  • Ranks around top 5 on CoinMarketCap among 240+ other international exchanges, with 200+ cryptocurrencies listed, supporting 200+ trading pairs in 4 markets: BTC, ETH, USDT and DFT.

Contact info

Name: Laura Liu
Organization: DigiFinex
Company URL: http://www.digifinex.com
Email: cooperation@digifinex.com

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