Nimrod Lehavi, CEO of Simplex, aims to Drive Faster Crypto Adoption Worldwide

Crypto Adoption

June 4, 2020

It is still in its early stages where most of the world’s money is still in fiat. To accelerate the adoption, there is a need to build a fiat gateway to grow our ecosystem and to increase adoption. It is critical to make the introduction easy and fast with the credit card payments as this allows us to immediately bridge the gap between credit card payments and crypto for traders globally (Crypto Adoption).

Nimrod (top left) and Kiana (bottom) were live on DigiFinex AMA on June 4, 2020.

Guest Bio

Kiana Shek

Kiana formerly work as a Deputy General Manager of Business at Baidu. With her strong finance education background, she has rich experience in Big Data, AI, finance & international business development. She joined DigiFinex as co-founder at the end of 2017, and committed to build a more secure, convenient and transparent environment for high-quality blockchain asset transactions for users globally. She is also active in speaking at different industry conferences in the globe.

Nimrod Lehavi

A serial entrepreneur, hacker, maker, geek as well as a crypto head.

His career spans over more than two decades of entrepreneurship and management experience and his reputation precedes him in the startup scene and blockchain community for his vision, leadership and proven ability to innovate and scale as well as his no BS mentality.   

With over two decades of experience in Israel’s start-up sector, Nimrod has been well respected for leading large-scale software projects that catalyze profound change.

Crypto cashback, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to earn a percentage of your transaction value back in Bitcoin. When it is more attractive to hold rather than spend Bitcoin, creating reward systems like crypto cashbacks without the need to visit the bank makes crypto adoption more intuitive.

As a self-confessed crypto head, Nimrod is a serial entrepreneur and advisor to a number of tech startups in Tel Aviv, including Orbs, one of COTI’s most recent partnerships. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Simplex, the market leader in payment processing for the crypto ecosystem for Crypto Adoption.

As an entrepreneur , he saw opportunity in the Bitcoin ecosystem, where Simplex first got its start, enabling bitcoin exchanges, brokers, wallet holders and credit cards to operate with full fraud chargeback guarantee. Since then, Simplex has expanded its services and soon to offer banking seamless services to both users and corporates in the industry.


About Nimrod’s Entrepreneur Story

  • Could you share when you first knew about cryptocurrency and how did you get into the blockchain industry?
  • What inspired you to found Simplex?
  • Could you share one of the most unforgettable or proud projects that you have had when founding Simplex?

Simplex’s Core Competency and its Development

  • What’s the core competitiveness that Simplex has against those cryptocurrency payment processors in the market? And what impacts are this competition bringing to the crypto market about Crypto Adoption?
  • We are actually launching a debit card project soon and it aims to populate the commercial use of crypto in our daily life. While Simplex is very strong on credit card use in the crypto world, is debit card a service/project that you might be interested in involving too? If so, which local banks are you looking into?
  • What will be the advantages or differences of using Simplex at DigiFinex platform?
  • There’s no doubt that using Simplex is one of the easiest ways nowadays to access cryptocurrency. Do you mind sharing how many users and how large the transactional volume Simplex are having now?
  • What will be your upcoming move and focuses this year? Any new product/service launch? Is Simplex investing or ready to invest in any blockchain company? If so, what will be your consideration?
  • Is Simplex investing or ready to invest in any blockchain company? If so, what will be your consideration?

How crypto market is impacting the traditional finance ecosystem

  • It’s been the 11th year for BTC. Governments are regulating cryptocurrency in extremely different ways. How is Simplex collaborating with the regulatory officials and how do you see the future of cryptocurrency regulation in the countries it operates?
  • Earlier in May, Visa CEO Alfred F. Kelly recognized ‘real potential in stablecoins and cryptocurrencies’ and admitted that ‘digital currency backed by fiat is a very real potential emerging payment technology.’ How do you think the statements will impact the traditional financial institution?
  • Based on our source, you have been keen on joining the finance industry. What are the defects in the existing traditional financial system you would like to solve?
  • You are influential in Israel being the board member of the Israeli Bitcoin Association in the past. Looking at those brilliant crypto enterprises and projects there, where do you see Israel is at the crypto market?
  • Being one of the BTC fans, are you investing any crypto coins and what will be your investment strategy?
  • It is a halving year for the coins. How do you feel like it will go this year?

Recording to be available.

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1% credit card fee waived for all crypto trading.

Who Are We?

DigiFinex is committed to fostering an open and flexible environment of opportunity and learning, we believe that our employees are our greatest assets and yes, we offer attractive remuneration as well as staff benefits! 

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