Roger Ver explores: BCH Soaring to $1K, resulted by halving

Roger Ver
Roger Ver

May 18, 2020

After the 3rd BTC halving last week, Kiana Shek, our own Co-Founder discusses with Roger Ver explores, the Executive Chairman of Bitcoin.com, on the crypto ecosystem, stimulus measures and impacts that the halving has on BCH, his investment philosophy and much more.

Guest Bio

Kiana Shek

Kiana formerly work as a Deputy General Manager of Business at Baidu. With her strong finance education background, she has rich experience in Big Data, AI, finance & international business development. She joined DigiFinex as co-founder at the end of 2017, and committed to build a more secure, convenient and transparent environment for high-quality blockchain asset transactions for users globally. She is also active in speaking at different industry conferences in the globe.

Roger Ver

After founding several successful companies in Silicon Valley, Roger began his Bitcoin journey in 2011. He was the first person in the world to start investing in Bitcoin related-startups, and single-handedly funded the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses.

His current investments include Bitcoin, Blockchain, BitPay, Kraken FX, and many many others. In his free time, he enjoys competing in Brazilian Jujitsu tournaments.

Roger, the Executive Chairman of Bitcoin.com (left) and Kiana, the Co-Founder of DigiFinex.


Impacts of COVID-19 and stimulus measures on crypto

  • The COVID-19 virus outbreak has been plundering and destabilising the world economy in the past few months. How do the stimulus measures impact cryptocurrency?
  • What impacts do the pandemic bring to your business and how do you cope with it?

Crypto Ecosystem

  • Roger, you turned from ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ to the Bitcoin Cash Advocate in 2017, what made you do the move to BCH?
  • What are in the BCH that convince you this can take the crown from BTC?
  • So far which countries accept BCH for payments, and what will be your next move promoting it?
  • We all know that 8 of the top cryptocurrencies are halving this year. Where do you think BTC and BCH are heading to after?
  • Are you convinced that BCH will soon reach US$1K?

Investment Philosophy

  • You are an enthusiastic investor on many blockchain startups and corporates such as Kraken Exchange and Ripple, etc. As an investor, could you share: One of your most proud or valuable projects so far? and, which sectors are you eyeing on in future and what factors do you consider with when making your investment decisions?

Watch now.

Our Related Event Happening Now:

Fees of all BCH transaction are halved until May 20, 2020.

Who Are We?

DigiFinex is committed to fostering an open and flexible environment of opportunity and learning, we believe that our employees are our greatest assets and yes, we offer attractive remuneration as well as staff benefits! 

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