Crypto Loan Explained: When Should I Liquidate?

Crypto Loan

With an estimate of 25 million jobs lost globally due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many are finding it hard to get loans and credit when they need it most. Toughening approval standards for banks and other firms have made loans harder to get. That’s a problem. 

Paul Davidson of USA Today notes that “credit card standards were toughened by 8.3% of banks, compared to none in the fourth quarter. And criteria for consumer loans excluding credit cards were tightened by 7.3% of banks, up from 2.4%.”

Right now, cash is more important than ever. As Nathan Vardi of Forbes says, “cash is where nervous investors want to be.”

Woman Paying with Credit Card
[Image source: Andrea Piacquadio]

But what does this mean for all our assets? Does this mean we should liquidate them immediately?

I would say that the question should be about when to liquidate, rather than if we should liquidate. Cashing out your decades-old investments, especially now, may not give you the projected returns. 

That’s why we at DigiFinex are now offering the Crypto Loan, an instant crypto-solution to your financial needs. 

Crypto Exchange Binance to Launch Its Crypto Lending Service
[Image source: Asian Blockchain Review]

A pledged-loan funded by institutes trusted by our team of experts at DigiFinex, our Crypto Loan allows you to pledge your crypto-assets as guarantees for short-term liquidity. And with our immediate repayment scheme, you can redeem your assets back at any time. 

All registered DigiFinex users can qualify for the loan, no questions asked. We support the borrowing of several currencies, including USDT. 

As a top 5 crypto-exchange, the safety and stability of your assets will always be our top priority. For more information, follow the link below to get your loan today.

>>>DigiFinex Loans, Now Interest free<<<

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