TokenInsight partners up with Blofin & DigiFinex to provide audit service and fund performance disclosure services.


Beijing, April 29, 2020- TokenInsight, the world-leading data and tech-driven financial institution have reached an agreement with Blofin and DigiFinex.

TokenInsight announced a formal partnership with Blofin and Digifinex, which will provide fund performance disclosure and audit service for a quantitative FoF product released by asset management firm Blofin on Digifinex Exchange. TokenInsight will acquire the true performance of the fund by plugging into the API of the specific trading account and release them on the TokenInsight website so that investors can understand the performance of the fund in real-time.

The cooperation between Token Insight, Blofin and Digifinex will better serve investors with accurate and reliable quantitative team performance and transparency around risk management, helping investors to select high-quality quantitative funds in the market, and minimize risks.

Token Insight is committed to the transparency of the real performance of the quantitative team in the industry and helps investors identify team performance by providing reliable third-party audit services. Token Insight will continue to look forward to working with leading quantitative teams and platforms to provide more information and transparency to the industry. For cooperation needs, please contact bd@tokeninspight.com

As one of the most influential digital asset rating and research powerhouse, TokenInsight currently serves 200+ professional clients in more than 20 countries across 4 continents.

TokenInsight has established the first comprehensive blockchain industry classification framework, covering more than 1,600 projects on the market and has published more than 300 rating reports in 7 languages. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge, TokenInsight has also established a carefully structured industry research system, covering 10 major industries including crypto exchanges, mining, decentralised finance (DeFi), wallets, etc, and has published more than 60 industry research reports.

TokenInsight will continue onboarding new partners and investing resources to provide crucial market insights based on our multi-dimensional token analysis framework.


About TokenInsight:

TokenInsight is a data and tech driven blockchain fnancial institution, committed to providing market intelligence (Ratings, Industry Research and Data), fnancial products and services to top global digital asset clients and traditional clients. Through its comprehensive blockchain industry classification system and professional rating and research mechanism, TokenInsight is continuously helping investors find value in blockchain and avoid risks.

About Blofin

Blofin is a financial business subsidiary established by TokenInsight. Based on the continuous data research and our in-house risk control system for digital assets, Blofin provides investors with ultimate digital financial service in order to build a safe, compliant, transparent, and inclusive financial service platform.

Blofin has established long-term cooperation with more than 20 global head exchanges, 20 mining service institutions, 10 wallets, and 100 quantitative trading teams. Blofin provides investment advisory services and has already launched several products in digital asset trading and mining; including quantitative FoFs, index funds, mining funds, and so on.

About DigiFinex

Digifinex exchange is one of world’s leading Exchanges, which provides crypto and derivative trading services for bitcoin, litecoin, ether etc. Founded by blockchain and digital asset enthusiasts, the core team comes from Xunlei, Tencent and Baidu. Digifinex limited company registered in Seychelles, and its current operation center is in Singapore.

Digifinex’s vision is to provide convenient, safe and secure investment channels for blockchain asset investors.

Additional Information

Website: TokenInsight.com

Twitter: twitter.com/TokenInsight

Medium: medium.com/@TokenInsight



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