The DigiFinex Blucon Card, which is being delayed due to COVID-19, is going to be issued via UnionPay as planned

Blucon Card

BLUCON that provides the crypto-based integrated payment solution, presented a road map aimed at launching a practical card in the 1st half of this year. However, they have not officially disclosed their progress recently so it is stimulating many investors’ curiosity.

The reporter covered the BLUCON project how it is going to be conducted. According to the official, the business progress and decision making for card issuance between BLUCON and a Chinese affiliate of UnionPay is at a standstill due to the spread of the new virus COVID-19. So, they have considered to proceed the card issuance with other card company in order to avoid any further delay. However, the current situation in China against COVID-19 is being settled day by day so they have finally decided to launch the DigiFinex Blucon Card via UnionPay as originally planned.

The world’s first service of the real-time payments platform that connects between crypto assets and the actual card (including Mobile Card), is awaiting to be launched at the DigiFinex, the major Chinese exchange based in Singapore.

In addition, “We didn’t disclose the progress of the establishment of a foreign corporation and the agreement with the bank for legal payments service, according to the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) but we are going to cooperate with the bank who worked on the Wirex Card project. Of course, we are in discussion with them to provide more reasonable fee policy compared to the Wirex, and we will soon bring good news.” the official said.

The BEP token that plays of role of FIAT as an instrument of exchange, is designed that the more BLUCON Card is used after issuance, the more value is increased accordingly. We expect that it will be the first case that blockchain is widely utilized in the real economy.

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