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Bitcoin Falls Due to Plus Token Scam?: Total of 3 Billion, 1% of the Bitcoin Total Supply Stolen

[Photo by: Moose Photos, Pexel]

Bitcoin’s price fell sharply, dropping from over $9,100 from last week, March 6 to an all time low of roughly $3,800 this morning on Friday, March 12. Could this price movement coincided with reports of movements by funds associated with the PlusToken scam back in September 2019? While the amount of Bitcoin did move from PlusToken addresses over to various renowned exchanges during the weekend, only a small amount of money had been transferred. Where exactly did all the cryptos go?

Source: Chainalysis

2 Japanese Arrested for buying NEM coins involved in CoinCheck hack

[Photo by: Satoshi Hirayama, Pexel]

Coin Check, a Japan crypto exchange platform that was hacked in January 2018 in one of the largest crypto exchange hacks across the world. In which, hackers had believed to have made over $500 million worth of NEM (XEM) tokens. These men are accused of buying NEM tokens through a dark web site that violates the nation’s laws and are said to have purchased the coins while knowing the origin of these tokens.

Source: Cryptopolitan

Ethereum Scam: Live Streaming of Tesla Founder Elon Musk Surfaces on YouTube Requesting Ethereum Deposits

[Photo by: Unsplash]

A new Ethereum scam has surfaced on YouTube and this time, they are using Tesla founder Elon Musk as bait. The scammers are requesting Ethereum deposits between 5 and 500 ETH in order to verify crypto addresses, for a benefit of a x2 return on their investment. They also promised users: “Once we receive your transaction, the outgoing transaction is processed to your address. Every address that is sent too late, gets their BTC immediately sent back.”

Source: Cryptopslate

Blockchain: Brave and TAP Network Partners up to Connect Internet users and Over 250,000 Famous Brands into the Crypto Market!

[Photo by: Brave]

Through this partnership with TAP, Brave have developed a reward system where users in the US can redeem BAT tokens for gift cards from hundreds of national brands such as: American Airlines, Xbox Starbucks and Playstation! Currently, Brave has a total of over 12 million monthly active users which then will have the chance to opt in to the Brave Rewards to view relevant privacy-preserving Brave Ads in exchange for earning BAT.

Source: Brave.com

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Arbitrum Project Introduction

From 2020 to now, many public blockchains such BSC, Solana, Polkadot, and Avalanche raced to take over ETH’s users and market. Their advantages on low gas fee and quick transaction time made ETH eager to release effective Layer2 program to expand the capacity. Since Arbitrum was released, its ecosystem grew up rapidly and already owned many mature and popular featured projects on different race tracks.

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Fil Mooned Right Away After I Sold It. Am I One of the Weak Hands?

“Fil mooned right away after I sold it. I am the weakest hand in the crypto world.” said one of my friend who has been trading cryptocurrency for many years. He is a user during the public sale and bought FIL at the price of $2. After the FIL is unlocked, he sells coins wildly every day. But even so, he still hates the slow process of unlocking, so he directly sold all the publicly purchased Fil at the price of dozens of dollars.

What is EIP-1559? How will it affect Everyday Users? Will it Pump Up ETH Price?

What is EIP-1559? How will it affect Everyday Users? Will it Pump Up ETH Price? The EIP-1559 we will be talking about in this article is an example of Ethereum improvement proposal. This proposal was first put forward in November 2018 by Eric Conner, an ETH developer. It aims to reform the GAS fee bidding system of ETH, so to reduce the cost for users to transfer money on ETH.

DigiFinex Apollo IEO Project HGOLD Token Sale Announcement & Sponsoring Michael Madsen’s Imprint Ceremony in Hollywood

5 rounds of HollyGold Limited Token Sale came to an end smoothly last Friday, Nov 13rd, 2020. Not only was it a successful token sale, its’ results were indicating a positive growth in the project HollyGold. HollyGold has also sponsored Michael Madsen at his celebratory imprint ceremony in Hollywood recently.

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