#NewsFridayDigiFinex 2020 Week 8

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On this week:

Co-Founder of Bloomberg & 2020 Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, Propose To Create A New Crypto Financial Regulation Plan

[Photo by: Elise Amendola, The Times Of Israel]

Although Bloomberg joined the election slightly later, he poured millions of dollars into his presidential campaign. He also published a new financial regulation plan that would hopefully provide a higher consumer protection for the blockchain users and exchanges through the use of regulation framework .

Source: Coindesk

Hacker Stole $360,000 ETH Using Flash Loan From Four Different Crypto Exchange

[Photo by: Eftakher Alam, Unsplash]

Loan without a credit card? Although flash loans sounds too good to be true this system may have opened some loopholes for itself! A hacker managed to earn himself a whooping  $360,000 ETH in just 7 steps from a chain flash loan operation within different exchanges! 

Source: Trustnodes

$130 Million USD Worth Of Crypto Assets Lost In Crypto Exchange, Halts Tradings and Withdrawals

[Photo by: Micheile Henderson, Unsplash]

The crypto exchange FCoin founded by ex-Huobi CTO Zhang Jian, announced that they are currently unable to process user transactions. Zhang mentioned in a blog post on Monday stating that now FCoin is insolvent and there is an estimation loss of about 7,000 to 13,000 Bitcoins. 

Source: FCoin

Samsung Steps Foot Into Crypto and Sets A New Platform For Crypto Security

[Photo by: Jonas Leupe, Unsplash]

Samsung has officially released its latest smartphone series & it comes with their improved cold wallet! Users can link their Samsung Blockchain Keystore app to their crypto wallet for more security. Samsung has also voiced its interest in developing blockchain & plans to roll out its Knox platform into the global network.

Source: Forbes

Korean Blockchain Startup Contents Protocol (CPT) Announced Company Liquidation and Asset Distribution

[Photo by: Asia Blockchain Review]

Contents Protocol (CPT), once a popular Korean blockchain startup that raised a total of 29,334 ETH via an ICO and private token sale in 2018, announced they had decided to put a stop to their business and return the remaining assets to CPT token holders. According to their announcement, Contents Protocol had faced “numerous difficulties in encouraging participation from content consumers because of their negative perception toward cryptocurrency, price volatility and complex user experience.” 

Source: https://contentsprotocol.io/

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