#NewsFridayDigiFinex 2020 Week 7


Japan to Develop Its Own Digital Yen Within 2-3 Years

[Photo by: photock.jp]

Japan’s State Minister Kozo Yamamoto announced that they are preparing to draft proposals and include the development of digital currency in the government’s policy guidelines. The development of digital currencies for developed countries could help stabilize emerging markets during crisis. 

[Source: Reuters]

A Lost for the Crypto Community as Andrew Yang Withdrew from Presidential Election 2020

[Wikimedia Commons]

Democratic candidate for U.S. presidential elections Andrew Yang dropped out after scoring just 3% in the New Hampshire primaries. Yang told supporters that “I am the math guy” and it was clear that they were not going to win the race. Yang has always been supportive of cryptocurrency and envisions creating a blockchain based industry if he were to win the election.

[Source: Cointelegraph]

The Future is Near! 6 Blockchain Companies Listed for Forbes Fintech 50

[Source: Forbes, DigiFinex]

With the recent rise of Bitcoin, it’s perhaps no surprise to see some of the most innovative crypto companies like CoinBase still holding onto their place on the annual Forbes list of fintech startups. Chainalysis, which generated $8 million in revenue last year earned a spot on the list along with Everledger and MakerDAO. 

[Source: Cointelegraph]

Ethereum Smart Contract Created in Memory of China’s Coronavirus Whistleblower Dr Lee Wen Liang

Dr. Lee Wen Liang was one of the earliest 8 people who alerted their friends and family about the #coronavirus back in December 2019, while the authorities shut them down as “spreading rumours”. He passed away from the virus on 6 Feb 2020. An Ethereum smart contract was created to remember and mourn his death with the ancient Chinese phrase: “We mourn for our ancestors as they did not mourn for themselves. If we mourn but do not reflect, the future generations will mourn for us.” 

[Source: Coindesk, etherscan.io]

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