#NewsFridayDigiFinex 2020 Week 6

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On this week:

Crypto Mining Botnet Found in Server Operated by U.S Department of Defense

[Photo: Unsplash]

Indian security researcher Nitesh Surana discovered a botnet inside a server of Amazon web services operated by the DOD while fixing a bug. He also discovered that the server was very prone to hackers, where one can easily install a permanent back door and take over the entire server. The server has apparently already been hacked before as there they were shocked to discover a mining malware operation installed.

[Source: ZDnet]

Twitter Adds #Bitcoin Emoji to Hashtag, All Thanks to Jack Dorsey!

[Photo: Unsplash]

All Twitter users can now use the new automatic Bitcoin emoji through the hashtag #bitcoin or #btc when talking about cryptocurrency! However as of now, the bitcoin hashtag does not work for the “$BTC” tag that is also popular among Twitter users.

[Source: Coindesk]

U.S Law Firms Hacked, Data Stolen. Hackers Demanded Bitcoin Ransom Worth 9.7M USD

[Photo: Unsplash]

Hacker group Maze hacked sensitive data from 5 US law firms and demanded 1000 BTC (approx. USD 9.7million) Bitcoins in total. They threatened to delete the stolen data and sell them if the sum was not delivered. According to cybersecurity firm Emsisoft, parts of the sensitive data stolen were already published over time as these law firms failed to pay in time. 

[Source: Cointelegraph]

Reggie Fowler, Former Football League Minnesota Vikings Businessman, Rejects Crypto Plea Deal

[Photo: Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune]

Reggie Fowler, who ended his terms with an american football team in 2014, was allegedly charged with running a shadow bank. He was forced to surrender a plea deal of $371 million worth assets. He was said to have illegally opened accounts and processed millions of dollars through the U.S. financial system on behalf of cryptocurrency exchanges. 

[Source: Bloomberg]

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