Weathering The Crypto Storm, DigiFinex Celebrates Its Second Anniversary

The landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges has changed significantly since the early days of bitcoin. In many ways, it tells the story of how cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry has evolved as a whole. In the past two years, we have witnessed the rise and fall of many contenders. We believe that the race to become a leader in this industry is a marathon, not a sprint. Or rather, it’s not a competition, but an opportunity for all to collaborate and improve the ecosystem together.

Being a highly progressive player in this field, DigiFinex is always on the forefront to facilitate the changing demands of crypto markets. As a customer-centric cryptocurrency exchange, DigiFinex has focused on compliance and liquidity to better support our users in 2019.

As more traditional investors enter the space, we expect increasing activity around financial instruments that mirror the mainstream world. Therefore, DigiFinex has launched various product updates over the past 12 months and we are proud to share these developments with our trusted customers as well as our valued business partners.

Consistent Progress:

January: DigiFinex Token (DFT) was accepted during Singapore SK Jewellery Token Day. The current DFT circulating supply is about 130 million.

April: DigiFinex Korea launched.

DigiFinex Korea launching ceremony: 500 guests, including esteemed Government officials and business leaders such as the next presidential candidate of Democratic Party of Korea Mr. Doo Kwan Kim, National Assembly Member of Liberty Korea Party Mr. Seong Joon Park, Former National Assembly Member Mr. Chanjong Park, et al. attended this ceremony.

June: DigiFinex opened a margin trading platform with 3:1 leverage ratio.

August: DigiFinex opened an international OTC platform that supports HKD, NTD, IDR, and VND.

October: “DigiFinex 101” launched to share blockchain and crypto knowledge.

To Empower Everyone:

April: DigiFinex issued a transportation card with BLUCON that supports payment in DFT.

April: DigiFinex partnered with Simplex to let users buy crypto with VISA and Mastercard.

June: Strategic partnership with TRON, launched TRX trading market and index.

September: Digifinex organized a “Asia Crypto Research Hackathon” co-hosted by CoinDesk during Invest:Asia, Singapore.

More than 70 students from over 10 countries signed up to compete in Asia Crypto Research Hackathon.

November: Partnered with CoinAll, an OKEx subsidiary exchange, to build the crypto ecosystem together.

Continue to Innovate & Explore:

July: DigiFinex Super Star Guild launched, to share more benefits and earn bonuses.

August: Community Token Listing — listed 30 premium project tokens.

November: DigiFinex Quant Funds launched, with up to 50% annualized rate of return.

DigiFinex Co-founder Kiana Shek shared her insights at global blockchain and crypto conferences in Malta, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Taipei, Korea, Tokyo, Bangkok, etc.

DigiFinex In Numbers:

During the past 2 years, DigiFinex has listed over 200 cryptocurrencies, with over 300 trading pairs. Currently there are over 3 million registered users from 150+ countries using DigiFinex, daily trade volume has exceeded USD 1 billion, rankedtop 10 by liquidity on CoinMarketCap.

The Best Is Yet to Come:

To celebrate DigiFinex’ second anniversary, we are hosting a few social media activities to reward our active users!

1st Activity (Dec 13–17): Follow, Like & Share on DigiFinex Facebook and Twitter to share 2,222 DFT

2nd Activity (Dec 17–24): Be a Whiz, Take a Quiz & Share 2,222 USDT

3rd Activity (Dec 23–26): Giving away 88 DFT, 66 DFT, and 22 DFT to DigiFinex users with the top 3 most liked comments on our Instagram Christmas post!

Follow us on our social media to get the latest updates from DigiFinex!

Thank you for your unwavering support, we look forward to many more years to come!

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