“What The Fork!” Blockchain Research Competition 2019, Singapore

This is a blockchain research competition open to all blockchain enthusiasts Singapore!

Stand to win up to SGD 3,700 worth of cryptocurrency!

In recent years, “blockchain” has become one of the biggest buzzwords in technology. It is increasingly incorporated into enterprises due to its immutable, reliable and distributed nature, and often considered the new security architecture of the internet.

How has blockchain transformed different industries globally, and how will it impact us in the next 10–50 years?

Join “What the Fork!”, a blockchain research competition and stand to win up to SGD 3,700 worth of cryptocurrency!

The judges and guest speakers on the finals event (Dec 14) are blockchain industry leaders and advocates from Google, Microsoft, as well as entrepreneurs, educators and investors that have boosted blockchain development in Singapore.

Stand to win up to SGD 3,700 worth of cryptocurrency!

*Best presenter will be determined by voting at the Finals. Minimum 10 votes for the winner or it’s forfeited.

All participants who have submitted their work will receive:
✦ A Certificate of Participation
✦ $10 worth of cryptocurrency
When they attend the Finals & Winners Announcement event on 14 Dec 2019.

✦ How to join this competition?

▶ Step 1: Register by completing this form.
▶ Step 2: Develop a 10mins PowerPoint proposal based on the assignment as given below
▶ Step 3: Submit your proposal by 12 Dec, 11:59pm.
▶ Step 4: All participants shall attend the event on 14 Dec because the finalists will be announced, and required to present their proposals
▶ Step 5: Winners will be chosen and prizes to be presented on 14 Dec too

^IMPT NOTE: You can join this competition individually or in a group of maximum 3 people. All participants need to submit this registration form. Those who join as a team only need to submit their work once, please include all your team members’ names on your PowerPoint.

✦ Assignment:

How has blockchain transformed different industries globally, and how will it impact us in the next 10-50 years?

Please choose one industry/topic, and provide an in-depth case study to support your points.

Some of the industries/topics you could explore:
✦Banking & Finance
✦Cryptocurrency vs. Fiat Money
✦Tokenization of Assets (physical and digital)
✦Supply Chain Management
✦IT & Cybersecurity
✦Entertaiment & Media

Or others

Scoring criteria:
Case study analysis 45%; Presentation 30%; Creativity 25%.

✦ Finals & Winners Announcement:

Date: 14 Dec 2019
Time: 10am- 4pm
Venue: To be confirmed

  • There will also be a lineup of Fintech, and Blockchain industry leaders/advocates speaking to kickstart the event (Stay tuned to our social media channels for more info)
  • Lunch will be provided

Allen Day

Developer Advocate, Google

Allen Day is a developer advocate with Google in Singapore. He specializes in streaming analytics for blockchain, biomedical, and agricultural applications. Allen studied at the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine and earned his PhD in Human Genetics. Allen’s blockchain work is focused on interoperability between smart contract platforms and cloud platforms. He created Google Cloud’s blockchain public datasets program, which allows non-specialist engineers and data scientists to search and analyze public blockchain data.

Vito Chin

Enterprise Architect, Microsoft

Vito Chin is the Enterprise Architect from Microsoft. He is currently focused on developing cloud solutions for blockchain projects with Microsoft and its partners. Vito led a team of engineers at Singtel that developed a collaborative cost management tool for public cloud usage at large organizations.


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✦ Terms and Conditions
DigiFinex reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or terminate the competition and prizes or extend the submission period or disqualify any participant at any time.

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