600% gains in DigiFinex Token this year. Here’s why.

In comparison, Bitcoin is up 200% since the beginning of 2019. Why is the market so bullish on DigiFinex Token (DFT), when most other alts have wilted?

The DigiFinex Super Star Plan.

DigiFinex Token 2019 rally
DigiFinex Token has been rallying since the beginning of the year

Introduced at the end of July 2019, the plan gives users the power to earn like a crypto business. Gain extra privileges such as trading fee discounts, voting power to choose project listings, commissions when you refer projects that list on DigiFinex, and much more!

One of the prerequisites to become a DigiFinex Super Star is to hold DFT on our exchange. The organic demand for the token has pushed prices up, as users saw the potential of this idea and started accumulating positions to enjoy the benefits.

Not surprisingly, institutions have also participated in the Super Star Plan, because of its financial appeal. Our institutional Super Stars include venture capital firms such as LinkVC, news sites like tuoluocaijing.cn and projects such as LME token and Ether Zero.

So how can you become a Super Star? It’s all here. Download it to find out how you can get in on the action!

Other reasons for the spectacular outperformance of DigiFinex token against the market include our community token listing event. This has drawn interest from many users and blockchain projects. Apart from that, we are also gaining momentum with our IEO listings, launching DWC recently.

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