25 Crypto Job Interview Questions


Want to launch your career in crypto? Here are 25 crypto job interview questions that we ask our candidates most frequently.

Good answers should demonstrate your passion for blockchain technology. Try to tell a story that illustrates your willingness to learn or improve. Showcase the skills that you believe add value. And sprinkle on some of that personality so we know working with you will be a joy!

Many of the following questions do not have an absolute correct or wrong answer. They are just opportunities to let you open up and speak freely, so that we can observe your thought process and communication skills!

In no particular order, here are some crypto job interview questions we tend to ask entry level candidates at interviews.

  1. What does a miner do?
  2. Can you describe distributed ledger technology?
  3. Can you name 3 crypto projects?
  4. What is an alt coin?
  5. How did you first hear about crypto?
  6. Do you own any crypto?
  7. Do your friends talk about crypto?
  8. What macro factors affect Bitcoin price?
  9. What social media do you use?
  10. When is the next Bitcoin halving?
  11. What happens during a halving?
  12. What is quantitative easing?
  13. At its peak, what was the highest price of Bitcoin?
  14. What types of analysis can you perform on asset price?
  15. Can you name 3 technical indicators?
  16. What is an IEO?
  17. Can you describe a Ponzi scheme?
  18. What is the maximum total number of Bitcoin?
  19. What was your best subject in school?
  20. Do you know what a hard fork is?
  21. What is a Satoshi?
  22. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
  23. What are the disadvantages of crypto?
  24. What problems can crypto solve?
  25. In your view, what holds people back from investing in crypto?

Many of these questions are not difficult if you already have an interest in the field. Sometimes we throw an unreasonably difficult question in there just to see if you have the ability to admit “I don’t know”, instead of making stuff up.

If you’re looking for learning opportunities, our upcoming competition Crypto Never Sleeps ’19 is a good chance to learn, win some Bitcoin, and even get an internship offer!


Or, read about what working at our company is like!

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