DigiFinex Korea Launches, Esteemed Korean Politicians Graced The Opening Ceremony

[This article is originally published on our Medium page on Apr 24, 2019 and subsequently featured on AsiaTokenFund.]

DigiFinex has officially launched in South Korea. The grand opening ceremony was held at the Imperial Hotel in Seoul today.

500 guests, including esteemed Government officials and business leaders such as the next presidential candidate of Democratic Party of Korea Mr. Doo Kwan Kim, National Assembly Member of Liberty Korea Party Mr. Seong Joon Park, Former National Assembly Member Mr. Chanjong Park, Chinese Coalition Federation Chairman Mr. Ok Geon Jang, Director of Small and Medium Business Administration Mr. Do Seong Na, Korea China Enterprise Association Chairman Mr. Kyu Tae Kim, International Times Chairman Mr. Jae Bin Cho, International Trade Association Chairman Mr. Jae Ik Cho, MBN (Biggest financial news) CEO Mr. Ho Geun Park, Sowon, Biggest Law Firm in South Korea Mr. Dong Hee Lee attended this event.

DigiFinex Korea Chairman Mr Jae Do Cho signed the official agreement with DigiFinex Co-founder Kiana Shek at the opening ceremony.

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DigiFinex Co-founder Kiana Shek (Left), DigiFinex Korea Chairman, Mr Jae Do Cho (Right)

DigiFinex Global Expansion

DigiFinex Korea uses an intelligent exchange solution and a high-performance integration system to enhance the security of the exchange and to purchase cryptocurrencies by supporting MasterCard and VISA, making DigiFinex Korea users’ transactions safer and more convenient.

DigiFinex is currently the third largest crypto exchange globally with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.08 billion at the time of this writing. Today, DigiFinex has a presence in 4 countries and territories- South Korea, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong.

DigiFinex Co-founder Kiana Shek has also announced the launching of our IEO platform- Apollo, at this ceremony. It was very well received by the audience and it generated a lot interests to engage our IEO platform to support premium Korean blockchain projects, and connect them to our global users, drive further crypto adoption.

Kiana Shek has also announced the launch of IEO platform on DigiFinex – Apollo.

To buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) directly with your VISA or MasterCard, visit DigiFinex here.

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