DigiFinex Community Token Listing (Round 7) Is Now Open


At DigiFinex, we believe that community support is crucial for the development of blockchain projects. Therefore, in order to provide better opportunities for community-based projects, the 7th Round of Community Token Listing is now open for voting. The guidelines are as follows:

I. Event Period:

August 19, 2019 – August 25, 2019

2. Token Listing Eligibility:

There are 3 token listing slots/opportunities chosen by total voting points :

  • 1st Place: Free listing, token can be traded in any market.
  • 2nd Place: Freeze 10,000 DFTs as a reserve, token can be traded in any market.
  • 3rd Place: Freeze 20,000 DFTs as a reserve, token can be traded in any market.

🔺 NOTE: The reserve tokens will be frozen in the project’s own account. If the token price doesn’t fall below the listing price within one month, then the reserve can be released from the 2nd month onward at 25% per month, till all reserve tokens are returned to the project team. 

3. Points Earned/Deducted:

✔️ Projects can earn points through these methods:

Vote With DFT (DigiFinex Token)

 Each time a user vote with 1 DFT, the project can receive these amount of points accordingly: 

  • You need to have ≥100 DFT when voting for a project, and you can vote with a maximum of 500 DFT. 
  • The DFT used for voting will be frozen, and they will be returned to the voters in 3 working days after the voting ends. 

Share The Project Referral Link:

After the user registers through the referral link exclusive to the project team, completes KYC verification, makes a deposit and trades, can help the project earn points: 

Each user can help the project team get up to 100 points by completing KYC verification, and up to 200 points by making a deposit.

Trading points can be accumulated daily, and each user can accumulate points once for the project through trading. 

It doesn’t matter which one is done first- KYC, deposit or trading. The points can be earned by completing each one of these tasks. 

❌ Projects will lose points, if:

  • Users down vote a project  (🔺in order to prevent unethical practices, the DFT used for down votes will be deducted and NOT returned to the voter.) 

Each time a user down vote with 1 DFT, the project will lose these amount of points accordingly: 

  • Cheating the system will result in the points being deducted directly as we monitor the data.

The projects will be ranked according to the total points they have received. The points are calculated as:

Total Points = DFT Vote Points + Project Referral Link Points – DFT Down Vote Points – Cheat Points

✅ We will get in touch with the top 3 project teams for listing after the voting ends. 

Thank you for your support! And may the best projects win!

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