What Working At A Crypto Company Is Like?

Ever wondered what it’s like working at a crypto company? There are plenty of career opportunities in this space. Let me tell you about my summer internship!

I’m Melody. I just finished my freshman year at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Today is my last day at DigiFinex, as I conclude a 2-month long internship. Here’s what working at a crypto company is like!

What I Achieved

When I joined DigiFinex, it was the first time I had ever been exposed to crypto. As soon as I joined, the team kindly broke down the concept of crypto for me and soon, I was left to work on various projects! My first job was to read the bitcoin whitepaper.

Then I got down to making infographics. I personally love to do design and work with colours. Hence, creating infographics was extremely enjoyable for me. I not only got to learn about crypto, but also work with colours and images to present information meaningfully.

bitcoin price vs value

As part of our SEO efforts, I then helped set up this blog. I contributed by personally writing some articles, for example this one about the 5 best crypto books for beginners!

In my spare time, I love reading and scrolling through blogs on the internet. Hence, being able to create such content for a global audience was fascinating to me. Now I know how much effort it takes just to create an article!

Lastly, I was lucky to be able to attend a few meetings and events, for example Crypto Coffee Chapter with Grounded, and the World Blockchain Summit at the Marina Bay Sands. These events gave me a good grasp of what the crypto industry in Singapore looks like. It also showed me what collaboration means for businesses today.

My Takeaways

Throughout my 2 months in DigiFinex, I have learnt so much about crypto. Crypto has huge potential for great returns, but is extremely volatile and unpredictable, which makes it exciting and fun.

I also learnt about marketing campaigns and branding strategies, via the expertise of the DigiFinex team. I made some pitch decks to help our sales team land clients.

What really inspired me was that everyone in the team is extremely hardworking and driven. The team also focuses on collaboration and teamwork, creating a very nice working environment.

My biggest takeaway would probably be the bonds forged with the rest of the team. It was so easy for me to come to the office everyday since everyone was extremely welcoming. Although I was a total newbie to crypto, the team was very eager to teach me everything from scratch.

Lastly, I am beyond grateful that I was given this opportunity and very thankful towards the entire team for making my experience a smooth and fun one! Thank you DigiFinex! 🙂

DigiFinex having Clinton Street pancakes
Guess which one is me :p
DigiFinex at Echelon Asia
DigiFinex at Echelon Asia Summit, May 2019
DigiFinex at World Blockchain Summit Singapore
DigiFinex co-founder Kiana giving a keynote at WBS Singapore, July 2019
DigiFinex annual company trip in Hong Kong, Dec 2018.

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