DigiFinex is listing QQBC

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DigiFinex is listing QQBC, an international blockchain payment system with KYC management.

QQBC deposit opens: 27th Jul, 2019 10:00 (GMT+8)

QQBC withdrawal & trade opens: 29th Jul, 2019 15:00 (GMT+8)

QQBC trading pair: QQBC/USDT

QQBC official website: http://www.qqbcipfs.com/

“QQBC IPFS is the product of theoretical research on successful distributed systems and open source existing solutions. QQBC IPFS synthesizes many ideas in the most successful systems so far. Apart from the novel agreement BitSwap, the main contribution of IPFS lay in system coupling and design synthesis. The grand vision of QQBC IPFS is to build a brand new decentralized Internet infrastructure on which many different types of applications can be built. The first use case is for a global payment system with KYC management.”


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