Crypto Never Sleeps ’19 University Challenge

Crypto Never Sleeps ’19 brings the brightest undergraduate minds in Singapore together! The Asia Cryptoasset Research Hackathon is a 2-day competition held at the Marina Bay Sands. We give you an exhilarating and fast-paced learning experience, to explore cryptocurrency asset markets!

Crypto Never Sleeps '19 DigiFinex and CoinDesk Asia Cryptoasset Research Hackathon
Crypto Never Sleeps ’19 Event Poster

Is Bitcoin Really Going to a Million Dollars?

How do you value a new technology, that many compare to the internet in the 90’s? Are traditional financial models still applicable, to arrive at a price estimate? Can you balance risk and return, in a way that achieves your objectives?

Play the role of a crypto market analyst.

Test your abilities in research, report writing, and sales presentation. Assemble your best friends! We encourage you to sign up in groups of 2 or 3. Our judging panel will crown the winners!

Hosted by CoinDesk

The event will be hosted by CoinDesk at Invest: Asia 2019 on 11 and 12 Sep (Wed and Thu), from 10am to 4pm on both days. CoinDesk is one of the most recognizable and valuable media brands in the blockchain industry, so join us for this rare opportunity with experts and professionals in the field!

All participants will receive bonus complimentary passes to Invest: Asia 2019, an exploration of the people and topics that drive this market. The dynamic expo floor and plentiful networking opportunities at this conference mean you’re in for a real treat!

What is at Stake?

Earn the prestige of being Asia’s champions. We have up to S$15,000 in crypto prizes to be won. That’s a whole Bitcoin up for grabs!

The winning team may also earn internship opportunities at DigiFinex, to launch an exciting career in crypto!

Registration for Crypto Never Sleeps ’19 will close on 6 Sep (Fri).


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Bonus Award: Most Popular Individual

One more thing before you go. Social media shares and engagements on our posts count towards your final score!

Why is this important?

Because community managers and social media marketers are a lucrative career niche within the crypto industry. Use your personal network and win! Set your posts to public, so that we can track our best influencers.

The prize? 0.05 BTC and a chance to do social media work for DigiFinex.

That’s roughly 500 dollars and a career, just for playing around on Facebook. Hustle!


DigiFinex is a world leading digital asset financial exchange. We are the preferred cryptocurrency trading platform of over 2 million international users.

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