5 Best Crypto Books for Beginners

Reading crypto books is a great place to start your education. No time to read? Don’t worry, because that’s where we come in.

We’ve summarized what we believe are the 5 best crypto books for you to begin your journey. Everything a beginner needs to know, from the basics, to the mysterious creator, to the implications on global finance. All for different types of audiences!

1. Bitcoin: The Future of Money?

By Dominic Frisby, 2015

5 Best Crypto Books: Bitcoin: The future of money?
Read if you’re a beginner who wants to know why bitcoin has captured the imagination of the world!

If you’re a newcomer to bitcoin, this would probably be the perfect read. Using a comical tone, Frisby never fails to keep the book lighthearted while introducing the history of bitcoin and its creator. This page-turner also explores the way crypto influences economics, finance, and business innovation. Bitcoin: The Future of Money was a real thriller we couldn’t put down.

2. Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps

By Daniel Drescher, 2017

5 Best Crypto Books: Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps
Read if you’re looking for pictures and analogies to explain the abstract concepts behind the groundbreaking tech!

If you aren’t the most technical geek around but still want to explore the concepts, this is the blockchain book for you! If your eyes glaze over when you’re exposed to complex formulas or computer jargon, then you’d appreciate the way Drescher breaks down abstract concepts with pictures, analogies and metaphors. The step-by-step approach to the technology is what won us over, and is ideal for anyone just starting out.

3. The Book of Satoshi

By Phil Champagne, 2014

5 Best Crypto Books: The Book of Satoshi
Read if you’re curious about bitcoin’s mysterious creator!

Ever wonder about the creator of bitcoin? In this bitcoin book, Champagne shares insight on the mentality of bitcoin’s mysterious founder through a compilation of forum posts, emails, and comments. He further dives into the economics of bitcoin and its potential future outlook. The focused perspective on the development process and motivations behind the creation of bitcoin is what makes this book stand out.

4. The Internet of Money

By Andreas M. Antonopoulos, 2016

5 Best Crypto Books: The Internet of Money
Read if you’re trying to understand what makes some people so bullish on crypto!

Andreas Antonopoulos is an outspoken author and social media figure. His bullishness is infectious, and in this book, Antonopoulos answers burning questions about the technology through a series of essays and talks. The author delves into deeper subjects such as the role of crypto in individual sovereignty, and the future with bitcoin as money. Also a good place to start if you plan to read his 2 other books Mastering Bitcoin, and Mastering Ethereum.

5. Digital Gold

By Nathaniel Popper, 2016

Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires trying to reinvent Money
Read if you’re looking for a based-on-a-true-story novel style account!

As the title suggests, Popper compares bitcoin to gold as a store of value. It’s a compelling and often-quoted argument. Popper’s witty and savage tone covers the past, present and future of bitcoin in exciting fashion. You also get an insider’s account of the early days, with internet chat rooms and governments struggling for change! Sometimes its hard to believe all this happened within the past 10 years!

You can buy these crypto books at Amazon and experience them in full!

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