DigiFinex Lists Dogethereum And Airdrops 100,000,000 Dogether

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DigiFinex is going to list Dogethereum (Dogether).

Dogether deposit opens: 1st Jul 2019 10:00 (GMT+8).

Dogether withdrawal and trade opens: 2nd Jul, 2019 10:00 (GMT+8).

Dogether open trading pair: DOGETHER/USDT

Dogether official website: http://dogether.xyz/

Dogether is an ERC20 token that’s fun to use: Dogether is a token honoring Dogecoin, the fun and friendly internet currency. Dogether token is not Dogecoin. After purchasing Dogether, you can easily send it to your friends. That’s pretty cool!


More than just an exchange, a two-way peg permits transfer of both assets and data across consensus-independent blockchains. One can use Dogethereum to roll DOGE off of Dogecoin onto Ethereum and back via a trustless, retrofitting bridge, or, in a similar spirit, spill ERC-20 tokens off of Ethereum into the broader ecosystem.

Inspired by Jason Teutsch, Dogethereum team continues to explore compatibility and interactivity between Dogcoin and Ethereum.

Total: One hundred billion, never more.

To celebrate this listing, we will airdrop 100 million DOGETHER!

Details are as follows:

Activity time: July 01, 2019, 10:00–2019, July 10, 10:00(GMT+8)

Rewards will be given out within 5 business days after event end.

1. Net Purchase Reward

During the event, users’ Dogether net purchase of ≥100,000 and the top 20 will receive the following rewards.

Net Purchase Amount = Amount Purchased — Sold — Withdrawn

2. Dogether “Deposit And Earn Interest” (DFT holders only)

There are 19,000,000 Dogether in this candy box, first come first served.

Calculation for this candy reward:

Lock-up DFT Amount x No. of lock-up days x 50%

Total reward to be shared: 19,000,000 Dogether.

Minimum lock-up amount: 1,000 DFT.

Lock-up period: between 5 to 10 days.

Each person can receive up to 100,000 Dogether.

For example, if you lock-up 1,000 DFT in the candy box for 10 days, you will receive 5,000 Dogether.

3. Friend Invitation Reward

Enjoy 10% two-tiered commission + 0.02ETH + 300 CNY coupon incentive when you invite your friends

10% two-tiered commission + 0.02ETH + 300 CNY coupon incentive :

▶ Download and login to APP ➞ My ➞ friends’ invitation to view details of your reward

300 CNY coupon reward collection:

▶ Download and login APP ➞ My ➞ Get coupon ➞ Enter coupon code

Thank you for your support!

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