DigiFinex Lists Ether Legend (ETC8) With 8,880,000 ETC8 Giveaway!

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DigiFinex is going to list Ether Legend (ETC8).

ETC8 deposit opens: 14th Jun 2019 10:00 (GMT+8)

ETC8 withdrawal and trade opens: 15th Jun, 2019 10:00 (GMT+8)

ETC8 trading pair: ETC8/USDT

ETC8 official website: http://www.etc8888.com

Ether Legend (ETC8) is a decentralized, distributed gaming ecosystem, designed to provide game publishers and developers with game asset distribution, virtual asset trading, blockchain game incubation and other services through ETC8 portals.

With the ETC8 system, millions of individual players can create their own business, posting information about buying, selling, renting or exchanging virtual goods on social networking sites based on their favorite online games.

To celebrate this listing, we will airdrop 8,880,000 ETC8!

Details are as follows:

Activity time: June 14, 2019, 10:00–2019, June 24, 10:00(GMT+8)

Rewards will be given out within 5 business days after event end

❶ Net Purchase Reward

During the event, users with a net purchase of ≥10,000 and the top 166 will receive the following rewards:

Net Purchase Amount = Tokens Purchased – Tokens Sold – Tokens Withdrawn

❷ Deposit ETC8 Tokens and Earn Interest

There are 2,920,000 ETC8 in this reward box, first come first served.

Calculation for this reward:

Lock-up ETC8 Amount x No. of lock-up days x 0.3%

Total reward to be shared: 2,920,000 ETC8.

Minimum lock-up amount: 1,000 ETC8.

Lock-up period: between 5 to 30 days.

Each person can receive up to 10,000 ETC8.

For example, if you lock-up 10,000 ETC8 in the reward box for 10 days, you will receive 300 ETC8.

❸ Friend Invitation Reward

Enjoy 10% two-tiered commission + 0.02ETH + 300 CNY coupon incentive when you invite your friends

10% two-tiered commission + 0.02ETH + 300 CNY coupon: Download DigiFinex App and login. APP  ➨ My  ➨ Friend’s Invitation to view details of your reward

300 CNY coupon reward collection: Download DigiFinex App and login. APP  ➨  My  ➨ Get coupon ➨ Enter Promo Code

Thank you for your support !

For new listings and other updates please join us at:

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