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February 28, 2021

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DigiFinex AMA Recap | How is Akash Network building the future of the cloud?

In this episode we are meeting with the CFO of Akash (AKT) project, that focuses on DeCloud service provision and the management of it. Akash’s current Mainnet testing progress and challenges alongside the construction of the ecosystem will also be discussed. Read now for more information!

DigiFinex AMA Recap | DeFi Technology and Pos3.0 Technology

In this episode we are meeting with the developer behind CCA project, a commodity circulation accelerating DeFi platform based on the technique of 3rd generation Proof of Stake 3.0 blockchain. They will also be sharing on the supplementary donation scheme which is operated under the accumulation of interests from participants’ deposits. An awesome project backed with a good-willed scheme, keep scrolling to learn more!

DigiFinex AMA Recap | Tony Tong from the HKBA Speaking on The Status Quo and Development of Hong Kong’s Blockchain Industry

The 11st AMA has come to an end! Since it’s been awhile we have discussed the basic concepts of Blockchain and the industry, we have provided a recap session in this AMA to introduce how Blockchain could be applied and influence other sectors. We have invited co-chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Tony Tong to share with us the development and future innovation of the blockchain industry in Hong Kong!

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What are NFTs?

Thanks to the way they revolutionized the space for gaming


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